How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency in 2022?

Nowadays, having a digital marketing agency is essential for any company. As time passed, the uses of the network have expanded considerably. More than 4,000 million people in the world use the Internet every day, be it to look for information, to connect with other people, to learn or to do their shopping. So much so that more and more people choose to buy and contract services from the comfort of their homes.

With this in mind, what is digital marketing allows is to have a greater participation in that global audience. It helps companies to grow in a context that increasingly points to digital, virtuality.

Understanding this potential is not something to be left to chance. Having a good digital marketing agency can make the difference in a company to grow and be competitive in today’s world.

Why do you need to have a good digital marketing agency?

Today, the need to invest in digital marketing is something that more and more companies are clear about. The Internet has become a center of competition and it is essential to carry out different strategies in order to keep in sight of users and potential customers. By hiring a digital marketing agency, it is possible to:

  • Connect with audiences and the target audience of the company’s products and services
  • Be competitive with other companies in the niche
  • Measure the strategies that are being developed to make the necessary modifications without wasting time or money
  • Segment the messages transmitted to reach the right audience at the right time and with the right message
  • Obtain short, medium and long-term results for the company.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Every good digital marketing agency is capable of taking the necessary components for the success of a company and developing the business. One of the first steps has to do with creating a suitable website or optimizing and improving an existing website. A digital marketing agency develops web design and positioning activities to improve the conditions of the company when presenting on the network.

Another frequent activity in a digital marketing agency is the development of advertising with Google Ads . These are ads that aim to make the business more profitable. Social network management tasks are also carried out in order to expand the target audiences.

The functions of a digital marketing agency are as follows:

Technological tools

Every digital marketing agency must have a team of developers who are capable of generating different technological solutions that become part of the client’s host. They must also be trained to generate maintenance and development actions for websites, micro-sites, apps and pages of all kinds.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most used strategies for a long time. Therefore, a good digital marketing agency must be able to conceptualize, develop and design email marketing strategies that are suited to the growth objectives of a company. It is a type of strategy that is fundamentally elaborated through the segmentation of audiences.

SEO audits and analysis

A differentiating function that is essential when developing digital marketing strategies is SEO audit and analysis . It is responsible for examining the efficiency of the strategies being carried out, comparing them with those of the main competitors in a particular market. In this way, the necessary changes can be made to improve the effectiveness of the steps to follow.


Content is one of the most important keys in digital marketing. A good agency should be in charge of generating content for the services or products of the business through the preparation of appropriate materials such as texts, images, videos, infographics, among others. The content must be of value to readers and offer differential knowledge, something that provides new knowledge or useful information.

Finally, over time, social networks have become increasingly important. Every good digital marketing agency must be able to read the context and the consumption patterns of the users and use the tools they choose. Therefore, it is important to publish quality content and make good use of social networks of the brands with which you work. To do this, a good digital marketing agency must use different planning resources and generate tactical ideas in each social network with its own peculiarities.

Tips for choosing the best digital marketing agency

Here are some tips to help you find the best digital marketing agency for you.

Seek transparency

When we talk about transparency, we are referring to the contract between the agency and the client being clear. It is about clarifying prices and strategies in advance, avoiding secrets that can strain the link.

In order for the agency to be able to work smoothly, it must be sure that it has explained all the processes to be carried out clearly. Similarly, the greater the transparency in the contract between the company and the agency, the greater the peace of mind that the companies may have that everything agreed is being done and that the results will be oriented towards the objectives established between the two parties. .

Don’t be guided by size

In the world of digital marketing, an agency that can be bigger or more numerous does not necessarily guarantee better results. The important thing when hiring this type of agency is not how big the company is, but rather what is its experience, what have been its success stories and what is the culture on which its work is based.


It should be borne in mind that digital marketing agencies carry out measurements as strategies for the company are developed. It is important to trust that the agency is carrying out the work in the proper way despite the changes that may be observed.

See references

Every experienced digital marketing agency will have observable references and success stories. A good way to get the best agency is to consult those references and observe how these experiences have turned out. This will allow you to feel more confident about the results you can have with the company itself. A good way to evaluate an agency’s references and success stories is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the professionals who work in the agency specialized?
  • How long has it been running?
  • Are there complaints from people regarding your services or compliance issues?
  • What other brands have the agency worked with or works with?
  • What kind of projects have you developed?
  • What is the level of satisfaction of your previous clients, what do they say about it?

Know the way of working

Not all digital marketing agencies work the same way. It is this diversity that makes the project interesting. To feel confident that you have chosen correctly, it is important to know the agency’s way of working, what strategies they usually carry out, in what way, as well as what project they have planned for the particular company itself.

Check your website and social media

Just as online image is, today, the cover letter of any company or business, it is especially so in the case of digital marketing agencies. Because it is the environment in which the agency is supposed to specialize, knowing its website, seeing how it is designed and structured is something that allows clients to generate an image of the agency. Both the website of the same and its social networks must be able to stand out and be positive references of the agency.

Some of the aspects that can be evaluated with respect to social networks and the website of digital marketing agencies are the following:

  • The web design
  • Whether or not it has a responsive design
  • What inspires the image of it?
  • Does it seem reliable and creative?
  • Is it easy and comfortable to browse your website?
  • How long does it take to load?
  • Do you have links to social networks?
  • Does it include the information you need?
  • How are your own content positioned?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Do you have registration or contact forms?
  • Do you offer the information you need to make the contact?
  • How are your social networks? Do you pay attention to them?
  • What type of content do you share on the different networks?

Evaluate the interest the agency shows in the client

A good digital marketing agency must pay attention to its clients, to know them, to know what their needs are. Every good agency spends time getting to know the companies with which it will work. Based on this, he prepares projects that will later be explained in detail to his clients. 

The agency must be able to ask the appropriate questions to broaden the vision that it has of the needs and problems of companies, offering concrete and specific solutions for it and being willing to solve any doubts that may appear in the contracting party.

The relationship between the agency and the client is very important. The client’s role is to fulfill their agreed commitments, evaluate the results that are being achieved and communicate frequently with the agency to be aware of the entire process. For its part, the agency must:

  • Maintain fluid and frequent feedback
  • Make sure that the client understands, from the first moment, what is the work to be done, the reasons for it, the time frames and the potential problems that may appear
  • Act with transparency and sincerity
  • Keep the client informed about the different advances and what is being done and achieved
  • Determine goals and budgets

In order for a digital marketing agency to be able to act appropriately, the client must report exactly what their commercial goals are. You should also report how you intend to measure the performance of those goals. Having this defined is what will allow a company to find what type of agency offers the appropriate services for its particular needs.

The determination of the objectives is also key for the marketing agency in question, since it can understand what is the necessary work and the inconveniences that may arise, to achieve the objectives. In this way, you can access the necessary tools to propose an action plan that is efficient and personalized for each particular case.

In addition to the objectives, the budget is equally important. Every company must be clear on how much it can effectively spend on digital services. The investment must be consistent with the expectations of the results and also be financially appropriate for the company.

Give time

Not all results are in the short term. One of the keys in digital marketing is the patience to grow little by little. For this reason, it is very important to create a bond of trust with the agency that you decide to hire in order to be sure that you are working in the best possible way, even if you cannot see immediate results.

In the world we live in today, running campaigns without clear strategy or planning is a mistake. In a context that increasingly goes digital, not having an SEO or digital marketing agency is missing opportunities. The digital marketing agency is the expert in making the right decisions to be able to reach the right people at the right time.

Types of digital marketing agencies

There are different types of digital marketing agencies. The suitability of one type of agency over the other will depend on the objectives and needs of each individual company. Next, we tell you what types of agencies it is possible to find.

Generalist or specialist?

On the other hand, if what you want is an agency that can develop a large part of the marketing strategy, it may be best to go to a general agency.

The advantages of hiring a general agency are the following:

  • Has a diversity of work experiences and usually handles very different skills and talents
  • Has the ability to manage different activities and talents, which can be a benefit for the company as a whole
  • You can make the most of your staff in different areas
  • It is flexible
  • Has greater ease of handling uncertainty and ambiguity
  • It is easy to change tasks or activities

For its part, the specialist digital marketing agency has the following advantages:

  • It stores a large amount of information in specific experiences and skills, so it usually handles perfectly what it is dedicated to
  • He is an expert in the universe in which he focuses his activity
  • Develop new processes within the same activity
  • You have trusted experts on the job
  • Global, regional or local?

Where are the clients you want to reach? In any case, the most frequent thing is to carry out a combination of the two visions: issuing global brand messages for all countries and orienting other messages to each particular region.

To carry out a global digital marketing strategy it is necessary to establish original content, translating it into different languages ​​and understand the searches for the places where the brand is present. A classic example of combined global and local strategies is Mc Donald’s. The company develops different menus for each country while segmenting the advertising and the messages it issues to suit the particularities of each place where the brand is located.

Niche Marketing?

There are digital marketing agencies that put the focus on knowing how to reach a certain type of particular client. Thinking about whether this is the right approach for the company makes it possible to determine whether a creative agency or a specialized niche agency is appropriate.

The main benefits of niche marketing are:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Charge a higher price for personalized products or services
  • Have greater ability to explain and publicize the details of a product
  • Have less competition
  • Reach a specific audience that is looking for the products that the company offers


The main one has to do with the objectives that you want to achieve as a business. Based on them, choose the agency that can best adapt to those needs, taking into account the budget, experience, references and attention.

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