Have you ever heard about David Calle and his math classes on YouTube?

If you haven’t seen his videos yet, I recommend you take a look because David Calle, with more than 350 million followers, is surely the most famous teacher on the web.

His channel is by far one of the most popular thanks to his ease in explaining math problems that many students fail to grasp in class. And if you analyze their educational business model , you will discover surprising things.

Let’s accept it! education also demands innovation and this is decisive for the development of any country.

And although much of the responsibility for making it reach falls on the governments, it is also a fact that most of them, especially in Latin America, do not give enough to supply the enormous demand that their inhabitants need.

 That is why for visionary entrepreneurs, education represents a range of opportunities to generate businesses that at the same time allow them to contribute to the training of thousands of people in a variety of professional and cultural topics.

Undertaking in education, especially in the era where information abounds, is something very noble because in addition to earning money, you contribute positively to the training of many people. If you can imagine the endless possibilities, then you will understand that this is a very profitable niche.

That’s right, from the production of educational materials, through digital solutions for schools, furniture for institutions to university social networks, to mention just a few examples, there are many potential business opportunities related to education, among which, I am sure you will find something ideal for you. .


  1. Specialized tutorials : it consists of creating thematic reinforcement programs in school tasks for children and young people, usually in adaptable schedules
  2. Preparation for closing race . Ideal for university students who are about to take their private exams to close their career
  3. Educational franchises. There are countless businesses under this model that you can acquire to set up a company with guaranteed success. See some franchises here
  4. Production of educational materials : with a high demand, the printing of books and brochures is common in many educational institutions. You can approach them and reach an agreement to print specific materials with corporate identity
  5. Assembly of computer centers : Ideal for educational centers, the assembly of computer networks with Internet connection with the option of managing them and providing them with maintenance.
  6. Cafeteria service in colleges and universities. A convenient way for an educational center to have the service managed by a third party
  7. Sale of school supplies : bookstore, stationery, notebooks, etc. See: setting up a bookcase
  8. Making and selling uniforms : a profitable business that will never go out of style
  9. School transportation service
  10. School insurance: Specialized service plans for schoolchildren: medical, dental, etc.
  11. Medical and psychological clinic . The institution gives you the space in exchange for you granting the service for the students
  12. First Aid Training : everything related to prevention in cases of earthquake, fire, contingencies, floods, others
  13. Costume and gown rental : Perfect for graduations and special activities
  14. Sale of personalized trophies : their manufacture in PVC is not very complex and they are highly required for all kinds of graduation and sports activities.
  15. Manufacture of desks , desks and blackboards
  16. photocopy centers
  17. Cleaning and maintenance services for facilities ( cleaning outsourcing )
  18. Childcare services : Ideal for working mothers
  19. Manufacture and sale of backpacks, bags and briefcases
  20. Community Management : Development of web pages and management of social networks for schools and educational institutions
  21. Design and publication of school newspapers and magazines
  22. Literacy projects in rural or marginalized areas

As you will see, the list is extensive and there are perfect ideas for any entrepreneur who wants to venture into the world of educational business.

The ideal to undertake in education is to have educational training or a vocation for teaching. What else would you recommend that is not on the list?

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