Experts in SEO

Experts in SEO


Internet is made up of the web which itself is made up of billions of documents interconnected by links according to the principle of hypertext. Invented by Ted Nelson in the 70s and standardized in the 80s by the inventor of the Word Wild Web (the famous world “spider” web), Tim Berners-Lee, the hyperlink is the basis of the web as we are know him. It allows you to navigate from one server to another (from one website to another, external link) or from one page to another (within the same site, internal link).

Without a hyperlink, there would be no web and this is what the giant Google was based on, which has put at the heart of its algorithm, the link, the link from which the backlink was born and the strategies of link building that go with it.

Increase your Return



Increase your Return on Investment and get more conversions

We perform eye tracking on all ads, banners and social media publications to ensure a return on investment from the digital marketing campaigns launched and a rapid transformation of your prospects into customers.

service of your business


Our expertise at the service of your business

Our SEO agency is built around several SEO levers, but with one guideline: GENERATE QUALIFIED TRAFFIC to your website, whether it is e-commerce or a showcase site, BOOSTER YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT and your NOTORIETY. The action plan is to work on SEO to position your site on the first page of Google results as a leader on strategic keywords, whether on computer and mobile.


Basic package

• 100 Quality Backlinks on DA 90+ ( with login detail)
• 100 Quality Backlinks on DA 80+ ( with login detail)
• 10 Web 2.0 links with Content (DA 70+)
• 10 Forum comments on DA 80+ (with login details)
• 02 article submission on DA 70+
• 10 Social Bookmarking
• 15 Do-follow links on DA 60+
• 20 Blog Comment on DA 70+
• 05 Guest post with content DA 40+

TAT – 2 Day

Standard package

• 100 Quality Backlinks on DA 90+ ( with login detail)
• 100 Quality Backlinks on DA 80+ ( with login detail)
• 20 Web 2.0 links with Content (DA 70+)
• 30 Forum comments on DA 80+ (with login details)
• 05 article submission on DA 70+
• 20 Social Bookmarking
• 30 Do-follow links on DA 60+
• 20 Blog Comment on DA 70+
• 05 Guest post with content DA 50+

TAT – 4 Day

Premium Package

• 100 Quality Backlinks on DA 90+ ( with login detail)
• 100 Quality Backlinks on DA 80+ ( with login detail)
• 30 Web 2.0 links with Content (DA 70+)
• 50 Forum comments on DA 80+ (with login details)
• 10 article submission on DA 70+
• 50 Social Bookmarking
• 50 Do-follow links on DA 60+
• 20 Blog Comment on DA 70+
• 10 Guest post with content DA 60+

TAT – 6 Day





A relevant Local SEO on Mobile represents the most effective strategy for your business, physical store, craftsman, VSE or SME to develop your visibility on Google with your core target through the optimization of the Google My Business page. Contact our SEO agency to receive a free SEO quote.

Why Invest in SEO


Why Invest in SEO


The benefits of a financial and human investment in SEO are multiple. First, improving the SEO of your site will increase the notoriety and e-reputation of your business in the long term. Unlike paid search (SEA) relating to Google Ads, it is not because you cut the financial investments related to SEO that your results will suddenly deteriorate. Second profit to invest in SEO as part of your e-marketing action plan, the acquisition of new customers and the increase of your turnover. Indeed, improving your visibility in Google will allow the pages of your site to be visible on generic keywords that do not include your brand name, and thus attract new customers

voice search



For several years, we have witnessed an unprecedented change in the way we search in Google and search engines with the advent of voice search, so much so that in a few years it is estimated that these searches made with the voice will represent more than 50 % of searches on mobile. For your brand and company, it therefore becomes necessary that your content is optimized for voice search and is cited as a voice response by voice assistants and your mobile. To find out about our SEO rates and optimize your content for voice search, do not hesitate to contact our SEO agency.


SEO + SEA = ❤️

An SEO consultant cannot be successful if he is confined only to his area of ​​expertise. An effective digital marketing strategy for a company will only happen if a synergy between SEO and SEA is put in place. As a reminder, SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and consists of allocating an advertising budget to be displayed in sponsored ads in search engine results. SEA on Google means investing in Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords. To come back to the synergy that must be between SEO and SEA, it will often be necessary to ask yourself whether it is worth spending your budget to appear in first position in Google Ads if, at the same time, your page of site is positioned in first organic position.



In order to follow the evolution of your visibility on Google, our SEO consultants monitor your performance and positioning on priority keywords for your business.
On a weekly or monthly basis, we carefully analyze the impact of our strategy and the progress in achieving our objectives which can be various: increase in traffic, increase in sales, new customers, evolution of our positions on keywords strategic.

Protect brand

Protecting your brand


If your brand has a significant notoriety, one of the SEO strategies to put in place is the protection of its image. Although naturally the website will tend to rank well in search engines on phrases including your brand name, it is important to ensure that no competitor occupies these positions and does not exploit them for harmful purposes.

SEO On-page 🆚 Off-page

SEO On-page 🆚 Off-page

Your SEO strategy can be divided into two categories: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both are crucial for the success of your SEO campaign, but require completely different approaches in terms of optimization.

On-page SEO involves optimizing different parts of your website that affect your search engine ranking. These are elements over which you have control and which you can modify directly on your site such as the title of the pages, the content, the loading time, the ALT attributes of the images etc.

Off-page SEO focuses on increasing awareness of your domain name through the acquisition of inbound links, called backlinks, from other websites. To image the impact of links on your SEO, consider that a received link is considered a vote from Google. The more votes your site receives from authoritative sites in their field, the more visible it will be in organic engine results. Note that the referencing of a site by our agency will not aim to obtain sponsored links.


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