Business Ideas For Mother’s Day

Marketing experts know that there is nothing more convenient to sell and do business than to take advantage of the moments or circumstances where emotions are more sensitive.

The commemoration of Mother’s Day is one of those occasions where commercial conditions are served on a platter for small and medium-sized companies that want to take advantage of it.

The first step, of course, is to plan, do some numbers and be prepared to take advantage of the commercial boom that the celebration of that day generates and that is only compared to the Christmas and New Year seasons.


So these are some good business ideas for you to decide which one best suits your goals:

  • Food and Restaurants . Undoubtedly the food sector is one of the most favored because nothing better than a nice and pleasant place to take mom to celebrate her day.

    The secret is to have offers of special dishes, a nice decoration according to the celebration, a rose for mom and good music (if it were live even better).

  • Sale of Roses. Similar to Valentine’s Day, sales of roses and flower arrangements that will never go out of style increase on this day.

    Whether in stores, kiosks or on the corners of the busiest avenues, everyone will want to bring roses to mom, so you can focus your strategy on this wonderful seasonal product that will also leave you with excellent profit margins. What you need is a lot of creativity and very good taste to prepare the arrangements.

  • Shoes . If people are looking for a good gift on Mother’s Day to please the one who gave them the gift of life, nothing like a beautiful pair of fashionable shoes. If you have the opportunity to market this product then do not hesitate as it is an item in high demand during the celebration.
  • Kitchen Kits . As ironic as it sounds, although moms are not excited to receive gifts of this kind, it is customary for many people to give them some accessory or kitchen kit such as: cutlery sets, utensils, table linens, decorations, accessories, etc.
  • Home appliances. Another item in high demand to market at this time because it allows you to give gifts with different price ranges and that you can consider: microwave ovens, percolators, refrigerators, flat screen televisions, toaster ovens, washers and dryers, irons, etc.
  • Clothes . Clothing is still a profitable business and under the argument that mom has something brand new that makes her look radiant and beautiful, you will surely be able to market your product before and during the celebration. Prepare your offers and ensure the most exclusive designs for that day.
  • Little shows . Another good business idea for Mother’s Day, if you are a talented artist, is to offer your services in shopping malls to liven up this important day for those who visit your facilities.

    A guitar, piano or marimba concert will be the choice of any mother who enjoys her day.

  • Technology . Of course for modern mothers or geeks, nothing better than a nice pair of hi-fi headphones or a modern cell phone, a tablet or any other gadget that allows you to check your facebook wherever you are. So you can also have a catalog to offer some of these products in your store or online.

And these are not the only ideas to undertake on this occasion, in addition to these suggestions there are endless other products and services that you can successfully market on Mother’s Day, such as:

  • wallets
  • makeup sets
  • Beauty and relaxation packages
  • Personal care combo
  • Stuffed animals and balloon arrangements
  • Chocolates and sweets
  • theater performances
  • Perfumery
  • Jewels
  • tourism and travel


All these ideas may seem great and I can assure you that they will be very successful if they are preceded and accompanied by a very good marketing strategy.

Remember that marketing is about that message you send to persuade people to choose your brand and buy. So some essential points for a good strategy are the following:

  • Create designs that identify your mother’s day campaign and use them in your advertising, flyers, posters, facebook cover, website, etc.
  • Use very emotional photos that associate your product with mom’s happiness
  • Create very creative messages that motivate them to purchase your products. Something like “mom is worth everything”, “she did everything for me”, “a day to celebrate who has given us life”.
  • Make sure you have very nice packaging for your gifts. Include the cost in your sale price and thus offer a high quality option.
  • If your business is a service business, offer a value-added detail. For example a rose, a stuffed animal, a piece of music, a special treatment, a dessert, etc. Something that makes the difference of having chosen your company noticeable.

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