How to Reduce Bounce Rate Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to our blog today our topic is how to reduce bounce rate  and  what is  bounce rate, along with it we will also know that if bounce rate is high then what are its disadvantages. If you are a blogger or you have a website, then you must know what is the bounce rate and why everyone asks to reduce it. If you don’t know then don’t worry. You are at the right place now. You are going to get answers to all these questions here.

Let us tell you that Bounce Rate is such a parameter that you know what is the reaction of the people on your website. And how long they stay on your blog or website. And how is their behavior on your blog? If it is good or bad then you get to know about it by the bounce rate. By looking at the bounce rate of your website, you get to know about your visitors. 

Let us tell you that the bounce rate is factored in by many factors. Because of which the bounce rate increases, for which you have to find out why it is increasing. But you don’t need to worry. We are going to give you complete information about it so that you can find out why the bounce rate is increasing and how to make it work. So let’s know that to know how to reduce Bounce Rate, you have to read this post completely. 

What is Bounce Rate

Let us tell you that Bounce Rate is the percentage of a visitor, from which it is found that how long the visitor stays on your website. Meaning if a visitor visits your website and goes back only from the home page, that too without visiting any other page. Due to which the bounce rate of your website increases, which we call Bounce Rate. 

Let us tell you that Bounce Rate is seen in a google analytics tool. If you want to see the bounce rate of your website, then you have to first add your website to google analytics. Only then you can check the bounce rate of the website. 

Now this question must be coming in your mind that what should be the bounce rate, then let us tell you that the bounce rate of a good website is 60% as good as it works. So now let’s know 

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

So friends, you have yet to know what is the bounce rate and what should be its percentage. But now the most important thing is how to reduce the bounce rate and what are the ways to reduce it. Let us tell you that the main reason for increasing the bounce rate is that.

Your post does not mean to your visitor or else there is more factor in your post than others, which we are going to tell you in the next post. So let us know that read the post further to know about how to reduce the bounce rate. 

1 – Website Design

If you want to keep your visitors on your website for a long time, then first of all you have to select a good website theme. Due to which the design of your website will be good. Seeing which your visitor will definitely stay on your website. You must have heard that. “First impression is the last impression.” So consider something like this. 

2 – Quality Content

If you have designed a good website, then now you have to pay attention to the quality of your content. Because the visitor will stop seeing your website design. But if he does not get good information there, then he will not come back. 

So whenever you write a post, write it with Quality Content and try that your content is different from others. Don’t match the most. This is what attracts the visitor and he visits your site again and again. 

3 – Mobile-Friendly

You have put everything well in your website, but if your website is not a mobile-friendly one, then the visitors are reduced even more. Because nowadays everyone has a smartphone. Which all people search on mobile itself. If your website is not mobile-friendly then they will go to your website by clicking on it. Due to which the bounce rate is more likely to increase. So always make it Mobile-Friendly. 

4 – Website Loading Speed

If your website is taking too much time to load on any browser, then this is also a minus point for your website. Because nowadays all the people want everything very quickly then whatever it may be. If the loading time of your website is too much, then the visitor will leave your website and go to the other’s website. Due to which the bounce rate of your website will increase. 

If you do not know how to reduce the loading speed of the website, then you can know by clicking on this link. We have told about it in full detail here. 

5 – Interlinking

Interlinking is a very good way to take your visitors from one page to another. If a visitor visits your website. And if he sees related and posts related to that, then he will definitely click on that link. And doing so, he will visit many of your pages. Due to which the bounce rate of your website is more likely to work. So always do Interlinking while writing the post. 

6 – Heading

Heading plays an important role to make any post attractive. If you put a simple post in which you have not used a good heading, then that post will not look much better. Due to which your visitor will not like to stay at all. Because he will not understand anything in that post. So that’s why always choose all the headings. So that it is easy for the people to understand. 

7 – Select Best Images

You can tell people better by showing a good image than what you can tell from the content. Along with a good content, you always have to use a good image in your website. So that the interest of the visitor is maintained. And they stay on your website for a long time. So that your bounce rate does not increase. 

8 – Choose Right Keyword

Everything is fine in your website if there is not a correct keyword. You miss a lot of visitors. Because if a visitor visits your website by searching a wrong keyword and he has not found that information there, then he will go away from your website immediately. So that the bounce rate of your website will increase. So always choose the right keywords in your post. 

So friends, now you must have known how to reduce the bounce rate. These were some points which you have to pay attention to. So let’s know why the bounce rate increases. 

Due to increase in bounce rate

So friends, now you must have come to know what is bounce rate and how to reduce it. But now you have to get a little more information. So that you do not make this mistake in advance that your bounce rate will increase. So let’s know that due to increase in Bounce Rate. 

  • Website design is not good. 
  • No quality content and copy paste content in the website. 
  • Website not being mobile friendly. 
  • The loading speed of the website should be high. 
  • Not having good keywords in the website. 
  • Not using the heading of the website properly. 
  • There is no interlinking in the website. 
  • Don’t use a good image. 

So friends, these are some of the reasons due to which the bounce rate increases. So whenever you make a website or blog, keep these things in mind. 


I hope now you have come to know that how to reduce Bounce Rate and what is Bounce Rate and due to which reasons it increases. 

If the bounce rate of any of your blog or website is increasing, then you can reduce the bounce rate of your website by reading these points thoroughly.

If you have any question related to this then you can ask us by commenting. We will answer it very soon. If you have found this post a bit informative, then you can also share this post with others.

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