Top Cheapest Web Hosting in India 2022

What is web hosting and how does it work? I have told you about all this, but if you  are going to get the cheapest web hosting in India, then you must know that web hosting is of different types for different websites.

How many types of web hosting are there?

Let us talk about them in detail.

Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Virtual Private Server Cloud Hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared Hosting As we can guess from the name itself, in this one server many websites share on one hosting. This website has been made for the new blogger. The advantage of shared hosting is that it makes you very cheap, so that in the beginning, even when earning less than your website, you can easily afford it.

Now you will think that when it is cheap and works well then why not everyone buy it. As we told, if you are a new blogger and initially not much traffic is coming then this is the best hosting for you.

But as soon as traffic starts coming to your website, the loading time of your website will increase. Because at that time your hosting will be being shared.

By the way, as long as your website is new, you can use it very comfortably and as the traffic starts increasing, you can take a new separate hosting, which will host only your site.

cheapest web hosting in India

2. Virtual Private Server

Just as there are many rooms in a building, similarly there   are many blocks in a server . In shared hosting, those blocks were also divided into many parts, in which our website used to get a part.

But in Virtual Private Server, only a complete block is given to a website. Virtual Private Server is called VPS in short, this hosting is for those websites on which a large amount of visitors have started coming and have started liking that website.

VPS is very secure, its performance is better than shared hosting and as I told you it can handle more traffic than shared hosting. 

VPS purchases are more expensive than Shared Hosting, but the owner buys this hosting only when the visitors start coming, that is, at that time you will start earning a lot, so do not care about its cost because it is very important and helps in moving the website forward. Is.

3. Dedicated Hosting

 Dedicated hosting is hosting one level above  VPS. In VPS, a block of servers used to host your website, but in dedicated hosting, the entire server will host your website.

Dedicated Hosting  is a kind of house bought by you on which only you have the right. Similarly this will be your server where the data of your website will be there.

Dedicated Hosting is the most secure because here you do not have to host any of your data by making any other site a partner. In this you get so much space that the loading time of your site will also be very good.

It is the best of all hosting of its kind and its performance is tremendous. It is more expensive than other hosting, but if you compare the quality with the cost, then the quality wins. 

Its biggest feature is that no matter how high traffic comes in it, it manages it all and in any case makes your site available on the request of the user.

4. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is generally not needed much, but for those very big websites whose server is down for a while, then there is a lot of damage, for them  cloud hosting is a very important part.

You can understand it in such a way that dedicated hosting is interconnected with each other and if any one server is down then this dedicated hosting manages each other so that no site is ever down for a second. Would have been

If thousands of visitors come to any of our website daily and sometimes once in 6 months the dedicated hosting server goes down, then we will not suffer as much loss in a few hours as the website with millions of visitors will get.

That’s why many big  websites  use cloud hosting. There is very little chance of server down in cloud hosting. It handles high traffic easily. Its only disadvantage is that it is a bit expensive than other hosting.

Where to Buy Cheapest Web Hosting?

After creating a website, the first thing that should come is where to get hosting? Because hosting is a big factor in making your blog popular, which makes your work, information reach the people.

Due to which your blog also gets push and appreciation too. Although many companies  provide you hosting  for free, but the free thing is only for free, they only provide you free hosting so that you can start your website easily like: –  Blogger  and  WordPress.

Here the information that you feed in while creating the website is stored on your free hosting and that information is provided to your visitors.

Even in free web hosting in India, everything goes well, but when it comes to growing a website, it lags behind paid hosting because paid hosting reduces your loading time to a great extent and it can be compared to free hosting. Ranks above the site.

Also  paid hosting is SEO friendly which helps a lot in SEO.

If you want to become a successful blogger then you have to take this decision wisely from which company to buy web hosting.

Many companies providing  web hosting provider in India are full on the internet which claim to get the cheapest web hosting in India  done.

So you will not be able to choose the best option for your website because there are very few companies that give you a good service.

 I am going to tell you about some of the best best hosting companies in India which are best in providing hosting in India.

What is Web Hosting?

Just as a warehouse is required to keep goods in the business of transport, in the same way, Cheapest  web hosting in India is needed to show the website online.

Web hosting makes all the data of your website online and provides that data to the visitors coming to your website.

You can understand it in this way that it is a type of computer that stores your data and provides that data to your user. 

How does web hosting work?

Simply put, it is a computer that keeps our website online at all times, whether it is day or night, your website is always online.

You can consider it in such a way that land is needed to build a house, in the same way after building a website, it needs hosting.

It is not necessary that  you create web hosting yourself and keep it connected to the internet for 24 hours or keep it running.

There are many companies that give  best and cheap web hosting  on rent, on which you can get your website hosted. It is just like we have taken a house on rent.

When someone creates a website, the first thing that comes to his mind is that the information or whatever type of data we have on our website should reach the people. So for this we have to upload all the data of our website on our web hosting.

After you do this, when an internet user searches your website, the internet connects your website to the web server where all the information on your website is already stored.

The visitor of your website reaches the information given by you, your purpose is fulfilled. In such a situation, if your website is not connected to any  web hosting, then the user will not be able to access the information given by you.

DNS is used to connect the domain name to the web hosting, so that the domain gets to know in which web server your website is placed.

Best Web Hosting Companies in India 

1. Godaddy

2. BlueHost

3. HostGator  

4. DreamHost

5. CloudWays

These are top 10 companies which are very famous in India and if your website is from India and maximum traffic comes from India then you can buy hosting of any of these companies for your website.

The services of all these companies are the best and do not mess with money and go according to their policy. Although the method of purchasing hosting is the same on all websites, but apart from this, let me tell you small things about them.

1. Godaddy


Godaddy is one of the  best cheap web hosting in India not only in India but in the world  . If you are a new blogger and want to take hosting then you can buy hosting from Godaddy on a good plan.

Although  Godaddy  offers free hosting, it would be better if you avoid the free plan about which I have already discussed with you.

When you  go to buy hosting on Godaddy, there are two types of hosting in front of you. One for wordpress website and other for normal website because 25% of the world’s websites are on wordpress, so they have made a separate section for that.

If your website is not on WordPress then you can buy general hosting. If you have to host only one website, then you can buy their cheapest plan which is only 99 rupees per month.

Let me tell you that along with hosting you can also buy domain name from here. 

2. BlueHost


BlueHost is a very good cheap web hosting company which is quite famous. Many  bloggers  use this for hosting. That’s why I am also going to tell you about Officially Re-commanded Blue Host.

You also get a free domain name while taking hosting from BlueHost. In this, you can also buy basic hosting easily and on buying the biggest hosting, BlueHost gives 50 to 70% discount according to the offer.

You simply have to go to the main website of the company and click on get started and give some of your details to them. After this, you have to choose any hosting according to you and keep checking the offer as well.

By the way, my personal advice is that you should take its long plan like in 36 months plan you get a discount of up to 66% i.e. for less than half of the original price, you have to buy it only once and for 36 months. For this the tension of hosting has to be forgotten. 

3. HostGator


Due to the similar plans of HostGator and BlueHost, they have been kept in the same category as well as their performance is also very good, so both of them have got a place not only in India but in the world’s top hosting company.

First of all, I would suggest that if you are buying hosting for the first time, then do not take any big plan, but take a one month plan and try it so that you will know the difference in their work.

After that you can buy the plan for any length of time as per your wish. In this too, you can easily buy hosting by choosing a plan like Bluehost and filling your details.

4. DreamHost


You can blindly trust this company, this is the best website to buy hosting for your website. This website was once started from a hostel and today is providing service to more than 4 lakh customers and hosting more than 15 lakh website.

This is a 100% uptime hosting company that claims to have a 0% chance of the server going down. Its plans may be slightly higher than other websites, but its customers are very happy with this website and are taking full advantage of its services. 

They also keep on giving offers from time to time with  the help of Promocode, so it is a matter of benefit for you that before buying hosting, you should also find out its offers and promocode on google. 

5. CloudWays


CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform, in which we can easily use all the popular cloud hosting we have without any technical knowledge.

Which is one of its advantages. Bloggers or website owners using CloudWays seem quite positive about it.

There are also some bloggers who have chosen this hosting directly for their website, they believe that it gives more push to their information.

It is the experience of its users that after buying this hosting, the loading time of their blog or website is decreasing easily, due to which users are able to access the website without any problem.

It is easy to use and automatic backup is available in it. You can manage it easily, its servers are on cloud hosting, so there is no question of server being down. 

What are the features of Cheapest Web Hosting in India?

While buying web hosting, we should take special care of some things that what  are the basic features we get in the cheap hosting  we are going to buy.

Sometimes we take hosting from some unregistered or wrong company and later it troubles us a lot and does not provide any features and goes against our policy.

Before buying hosting, it is very important for you to know about some features, lest you pay attention to this thing after buying hosting, then let’s look at the features of hosting. 

1. Bandwidth 

Bandwidth  tells the amount of data to be transferred between your website and visitors at a particular time. I know that it may be a bit typical for you to understand this thing, but you can understand it from the fact that the higher the bandwidth, the better this thing will be for your website.

Because with this, many visitors will be able to access your website easily and on the contrary, the speed of the website with low bandwidth becomes very low.

Due to which the visitors have to wait due to which there is a risk of leaving their website. 

2. Up-time

You must have heard that when a website does not respond and the web server is not found again and again, then this is the reason that the server of that website is down but it happens for a very short time.

The exact opposite is that the website is working properly i.e. the server is up and this situation is called up-time.

The   more up-time the web hosting has, the better the hosting isEvery company gives 99.99% up-time guarantee, but which one is more reliable, it is known only after taking web hosting. 

3. Storage 

When you  buy the cheapest web hosting in India, it simply means that you are renting some storage on the internet which is yours only, you can upload any data of your website in it which will always be online.

You can buy as much space as you need, if your website is small, static, then you can work in less storage and if a lot of data is already uploaded in your website.

Or it is going to happen that you can take some more storage. Storage also depends on your budget, you can take more storage and less as you need it. 

4. Backups 

Sometimes very important things get deleted from us, which we recover and sometimes they cannot be recovered, due to which we have to suffer loss. Exactly the same problem also comes on server or web hosting.

This is a feature that is very important and according to the plan, the company provides you. Sometimes when data loss occurs, you can recover your data with the help of hosting.

Before taking any  cheapest hosting, definitely check this thing whether they are providing you backup or not, otherwise your years of hard work may be in vain.

So take hosting from a company that provides you the facility of backup or take a plan in which backup options are enabled.                    

5. Email 

You   can also take the facility of email with the cheapest web hosting in India. With which you can create an email for your website with a different name i.e. something different looking so that your product looks professional and branded.

In this way, in  best web hosting, you get many features like sending and receiving email, protection from virus and calendar. These are very important features which should be in any normal hosting.  

6. Customer Support 

This is a very important feature which is very important to provide because if there is any problem while running your website then you can at least take help from hosting provider company.

Many companies provide customer support and some company does not provide anything like this, then you should not buy hosting from a company that does not give you all these features.

It would be great if you buy from these five sites mentioned by us from the  cheapest web hosting in India  because they are very old and trusted company.  


In this way you can buy hosting for your website and bring your website online and if you face any problem in it then you can ask us by commenting, we will definitely help you.

I hope you liked our information and it helped you a lot. If you liked the article, then you can tell us by commenting.

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