Web design is an area of ​​work related to the development and image of a digital interface such as a web page, an online store or an app. This work consists of planning, designing and creating a site that respects careful usability and a pleasant, intuitive and interactive experience to not only promote the brand but also to achieve good results.

Without a doubt, having a specialist in web design and SEO for businesses and projects is a key point for the future of results. Building an elegant, safe, easy and effective site projects a brand image that generates trust and gives authority in the face of very positive competition.

Therefore, if you need web design services for an e-commerce, a blog, or an app, do not hesitate to contact ArunSEO and we will get to work on your great project.

The web designer is a professional who works with layout and online design and knows layout languages ​​such as HTML or XML and CSS, among others.

In recent times they have also had to adapt to tools or CMS such as WordPress or Prestashop , since they lower costs and improve creation speed.

Many of the Kpis or business objectives depend directly on the designer and their work, such as the conversion rate, number of impressions, if there are recurring users or even organic positioning.

Good web design provides users with an enriching experience when they visit the site and helps them move around the page, reducing the bounce rate. In addition, it must respond to the needs of the target audience, who must find what they want to see quickly and easily.

At Arun SEO we offer top quality web design services, with premium templates, compatible plugins, guaranteed stability, with an initial SEO plan, careful and well-defined content, and much more. You can contact us if you want more information without any commitment.

4 Key points of web design

A quality web design is not easy and not everyone can offer this service, at ArunSEO we are aware and that is why we work with specialists on each of the points that a professional web design entails :


When we talk about responsive web design, we mean that the project or site must work correctly both on the computer desktop and on tablets and mobile phones. Also offering enriching experiences on each of the devices that do not tarnish the company’s brand image.


How many pages are abandoned due to overloaded content, many, and this is because we do not offer a simple scan what the user wants to see.

We entangle it in endless actions or content that is not of fundamental interest and one thing is clear, nobody wants to waste a second of their time on something that does not interest them.

web texts

Creating concise and relevant messages is one of the keys to success when it comes to getting users to interact with a website. That is why creating clear content with a typography that promotes pleasant reading and fits into global content helps to improve the browsing experience.

Website loading speed

Patience is a virtue that nobody has when they are on the internet. It is a reality, on the Internet everything that is not fast dies, not only by users but also by Google, which penalizes slow sites because it understands that it does not offer quality margins to the user. For google, anything that takes more than 2 seconds to load hurts the experience and indexing of the site.


responsive web design

Advantages of a professional web design

Among the advantages and benefits of a professional web design we can find:

Returning users

The first impression matters a lot, so if a user visits a site and likes it, it is very likely that they will return. If your shopping experience was satisfactory, you will buy again when you have another need and that is one of the qualities of professional web design.

Better visibility and authority

SEO, among other key aspects, also pays attention to the design and speed of a site so that Google takes it more into account than others, giving them authority and visibility in the results.

Search engines are related to the quality and user experience of a website, which is why they are both included in a good Digital Marketing strategy.


In a market full of online sites, there are fewer and fewer factors to stand out for, but one will always be a competitive advantage : your personal brand and the design that encompasses it .

A professional website with a good online presence that transmits a careful user experience will position it as a reference and different.

Higher conversions and sales

A website that attracts attention and builds trust is a site that will convert visitors into customers and therefore sell. You will have a greater chance of generating income.

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