7 Best Article Spinner Tools (Free & Paid)

7 Best Article Spinner Tools (Free & Paid)

Content is a key factor in determining the site’s ranking on Google. After a while, it will become difficult to write unique content every day. You might end up writing the exact same articles every day. There are many tools that can be used to help writers create extraordinary content. These spinner tools are designed to assist you in creating unique content every time. Are you still unsure? Let me clarify. Spinner tools can be used to reframe an article with the exact meaning. Simply paste your content into any spinner tool and it will transform it into unique, exemplary content.


These tools can be described as automating content generation and saving you time. We have selected the most reliable and popular spinner tools for you. Some of them even come with no cost!



Chimp Rewriter



Spin Rewriter


Article Rewriter Tool


Scroll down and read this article to discover which software is right for you.


1. WordAi – Rewrite Article Tool (Paid)

WordAi Article Spinner ToolsRating: 4.75/5.0

Price: 49.95

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WordAi is one of the most popular paid Article Spinner Tool due to its many features. It also supports multiple languages. It allows you to easily copy and paste content from any language, including English, Spanish, French, or Italian. The content will be changed in the appropriate language with the same meaning.


WordAi Quality Features


Perfect Tendency:

The software integrates with advanced technology, so it provides content without errors. The system corrects all grammar and tense errors in automation.


Mass uploading

WordAi allows you to create multiple articles at once if you plan on publishing several blogs or articles per day.


AI Technology is used:

This tool has artificial intelligence (AI) built in. This is a learning machine that allows you to create unique and original content.



Pricing for WordAi


The software is available in monthly or yearly pricing. It includes amazing features such as multilingual text, auto-rewriting, and multiple keyword support.


Turing Plan

This service is available for $49.95 per month.


Turing Yearly Plans:

A whole-year subscription costs only $347 It also offers a 3 day free trial to every customer.


2. Chimp Rewriter – Spinner Tool (Premium)

Chimp Rewriter - Article Spinner Tool

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Price: $15

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Paraphrasing software from Chimp Rewriter will speed up the article spinning process. The system can translate the content in just seconds. It is based on light and simple codes that provide the fastest translation speed.


Prominent Features


Multiple Language:

This spinner tool has a wide range of language support. You can choose from 12+ languages: English, Spanish and German as well as French, German, Italian, French and Danish.


Export files:

After article spinning, export the article to any file. You can export the article in any format (ex. HTML, PDF, Doc, etc). You can also publish your article directly from the Chimp Rewriter tool.


SEO Logics:

Chimp Rewriter integrates with some of the most trusted and popular SEO tools available to improve the SEO aspects of your content. It integrates with WP Robot and RankWyz as well as Ultimate Demon, Kontent Machine, and many other SEO tools.


Chimp Rewriter

Pricing for Chimp Rewriter


This tool is available in both monthly and yearly pricing. For $15, you can get the monthly plan. For $99. You will receive a 1500+ API request, a future update, and support for two devices after you have paid.


These services are also available for free for 3 days without the need to use any debit/credit cards.


3. SpinnerChief- A Paid Tool for Paraphrasing


Spinner Chief - Article Spinner Tools

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Price: $7

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SpinnerChief, another powerful and simple-to-use platform in our collection of rewriting tools, is also available. This tool allows you to create a unique article quickly and easily. It also has many features such as SEO writing, grammatical errors corrections, video scrap, and much more.


Features Of SpinnerChief


20+ Languages

An article can be rewritten in any language, including English, German and Swedish, as well as Portuguese (both Brazil & Portugal), Dutch and Indonesian.


Video Scrap:

SpinnerChief has many unique features, one of which is video scrap. This system searches for multiple Youtube videos based on your article keywords, which you can then import into your article. Images can be added to the blogs in the same way.


SEO Writing

The system uses artificial intelligence (AI), which makes it more professional and precise after rewriting. This system also has SEO algorithms that have been verified, so you will get content with the right SEO logics.



This tool allows you to either work on the content alone or assign it to another user.



Pricing Plans


Version Elite:

The elite version is available for $175 when you sign up for a lifetime membership.


Ultimate Version:

The number of days you are using this pricing model will determine the price. The price ranges from $7 to $271. You can choose the one that suits your needs.


Version for teams:

This service costs $7 per month for 3 users and $244 annually for 4. It is also available at $547 per year.


4. Spinbot – A freemium article rewriting tool



Rating: 4.55/5.0

Price: $75

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Spinbot has been a powerful and simple-to-use automatic article spinner for more than a decade. It can rewrite human-readable text to create additional, readable text. It is used by many new bloggers, mostly students.


This article spinner tool is great for SEO professionals who want to create backlinks. However, it is not suitable for creating original content.


Features of Spinbot


Massive User Contributed Thesaurus

Spinbot offers a large thesaurus that is constantly updated. This allows you to create unique content more quickly and easily with more synonyms.


Instant Spinning with a Single Click

It is an automated, one-click spinner option for those in a hurry. This can transform your blog post or website article and save you a lot of time.


Unlimited Use

You can purchase Spinbot’s monthly or annual subscription to get rid of the captcha and ads. This will allow you unlimited use.


Comma-separated Field of Ignore

Spinbot offers an “Ignore” feature that allows for you to skip certain words while spinning.


Advanced Text Spinning Capabilities

Spinbot’s text-spin capabilities can be used to stimulate brain-storming or find innovative ways to discuss topics you are sick of.



Pricing for Spinbot


Spinbot lets you spin 10,000 characters free of charge. You can also choose from a variety of paid plans that remove ads and offer captcha options.


You can choose from 1,000 credits starting at $5 or 500,000 credits, up to $2,000 for 500,000 credits. The annual plan can be purchased for $75.


5. Spin Rewriter – Article Rewriter


Spin RewriterRating: 4.55/5.0

Price: $75

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The Spin Rewriting tool spins text quickly and easily without the need to sign up or install an app. Simply copy and paste the content into Spin Rewriter website. It will rewrite it in a matter of seconds.


Main Features


Flawless Content

This tool will help you create a flawless article that you can post on your website.


One-Click Rewriting

This tool allows you to rewrite an article in just one click. This feature allows you to quickly spin the article.


This tool can be used by content marketers and other creative professionals in many ways.


Spin Rewriter Website: This website allows you to rewrite its content. Premium Website: To remove multiple captchas and ads, you can buy the premium version. This will allow you to rewrite text without distraction. Spin Rewriter API: This API allows you to install the application on your local disk and then create content in the app.


spin rewriter

Pricing Plan


Spin Rewriter offers multiple pricing options to suit your needs. The paid plans can be used for bulk spinning or mass export.



Unlimited articles for only $47 per month



This plan comes with a bonus video module and 10 seed articles, which can be used to get free trials.



This plan includes all features and is only one payment. This plan costs $497.


6. SmallSeoTools: Free Online Text Rephrase Tool


SmallSeoTools - Article Spinner ToolRatings: 4.5/5.0

Price: Free

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The article spinner tool does not require registration and is completely free. Now, whenever you’re stuck creating unique content, simply copy the article into SmallSeoTools website to get original, plagiarized-free content.


Qualitative Features


DropBox and Google Drive integrated:

To spin files, you can quickly select files from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can upload files in different formats (e.g..docx, or.txt) to your local disk and then rewrite the content.


Spintax Formatted

You will need to manually adjust spintax if you use any other spinning tool. This tool can change spintax automatically. The spintax technique is an essential part of generating content. This means that you don’t have to manually provide spintax.


SEO Algorithms

SmallSeoTools can rewrite your content, which Google also prefers. Because it rephrases your content according to Google’s SEO algorithms.


7. Article Rewriter Tool – Free Content Spinner Tool


Article Rewriter Tool - Article Spinner ToolRating: 4.0/5.0

Price: Free

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Article Rewriter Tool is the next product on our blog. This tool is robust and simple to use. You don’t have to limit the length of your article. The article can be submitted regardless of how long it is. Because it provides flawless content, you can decrease your website’s bounce rate by creating unique content that engages visitors for longer periods of time.


Main Features


Verify Grammer

The system spins the article once it has fixed all grammatical errors in the content. This will increase the accuracy.


Simple to Understand Content

The Article Rewriter Tool allows you to create unique, human-readable content. You can be confident that the content is of high quality and easy to understand.


A Short Sentence

The tool can spin just one sentence, so you don’t have to submit the entire blog at once. The sentences can be pasted into the tool simultaneously as you write the article.


Chooseive Words

You can mention any words you don’t want spun during spinning. This could be any brand, name or place.


Article Rewriter

Wrapping up


We have now listed the most powerful and effective tools to rewrite your content. I hope you are now able to easily find the article spinner that suits your needs. If you like our work, please leave feedback/suggestions in the below div.

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