Which promotion tools are Best for Website?

Every website promoter knows that without the various tools he uses, he will not be able to do professional promotion work. It goes far beyond automation or work streamlining services. Using different tools will help us evaluate the behavior of our site surfers, our competitors and the actions we perform.

From the reports we will issue and the information we will receive, we will be able to perform SEO work , more comprehensive, more thorough and more successful

If you failed an important test in school, for example, and you know where your mistakes were, you can strengthen your knowledge and make reinforcements for that subject in order to pass the second time of the test.

If you don’t know where you went wrong – how can you know what to improve on for the second time? Well, in web promotion there is not always a B deadline, and even if there is, it will cost you or your client a great deal of time and money.

In this guide we will review many tools that can be used by beginner web promoters as well as those who are already doing advanced web promotion . It is usually not necessary to use more than one tool from each category, but this is entirely up to you.

Some tools are free to use, others will cost money. Choose your tools wisely and do your promotion work more correctly and professionally.

Tools for statistics and data

The kinds of tools without which we shoot arrows in the fog in our promotion work. They are the tools that show us statistical and other data about our website and its users.

These tools will contain in-depth and comprehensive information about the movement of surfers on the site, popular pages, pages with a high percentage of abandonment, time spent on the site, average times during the day when there are more visitors to our site, number of visitors to the site according to a specific day/date or even a specific month and of course other data many others.

There are several recommended tools in this area, but Google’s tools are a must in any promotion procedure and they can also be used for free.

  • Google Analytics – measures the number of visitors to the website, the sources of traffic, information about the use of the pages of the website, tracking conversions and more.
  • Google Search Console – displays information about the site’s health, exposure data and clicks from the search results, locations for various phrases, and more.
  • Hotjar – enables complete recording of the actions of the surfers on the site, heat maps and other usage data (there is a free version that limits the number of pages that can be tracked and the amount of monthly screen recordings. The paid versions allow more flexibility).

Website speed testing tools

Testing the speed of the website is one of the most important things you want to check at the beginning of your promotion work on the website and once in a while for the purpose of review.

A site with slow loading of its pages and slow browsing will cause your surfers to quickly abandon your site. Something that will significantly harm the promotion of your website and the various indicators that show you the user experience on the website. Damage to the user experience will eventually also damage your positions in Google.

The site speed test can show you a snapshot of the loading speed of the site’s pages and the speed of browsing it. With various tools you can even get a picture of the breakdown of the site’s loading speed into factors and recommendations on how to speed up the site. Here are some of the most recommended website speed testing tools:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom
  • GTMetrix

Keyword research tools

Keyword research is one of the cornerstones of any promotion process. Choosing the right keywords for promotion is very important in order not to waste your and your clients’ time and money to invest in less relevant key phrases, general phrases that will not necessarily bring customers or in phrases that the competition is borderline impossible within the resources you have at this stage in your career.

Professional tools for keyword research will help you find new keywords, new ideas for different phrases, compile lists of keywords that are close or have a common denominator or a common niche, research the competitors and the phrases they promote, for an idea of ​​the degree of competition in promoting certain phrases, what the search volume is the monthly of those phrases and more.

The tool you should start your keyword research with would be the Google Keyword Planner as it shows the most accurate data related to the Google search engine (around which we usually do all the promotion work). You should also use other tools that will help you deepen your research and find more relevant expressions, so here are some more useful tools:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Tool

Tools for market research and link testing

These market research tools are very good tools for analyzing data or large sites in different niches. These tools can display different data about the estimated amount of traffic on these sites, where the traffic comes from, links to the sites and even information about the same audience divided by different parameters such as age, gender and more.

You can also get an impression of the number of surfers by platform (mobile, computer browser, etc.). Collecting this data can help you in your competitor research, niche research and in general give you different indications for different parts of your promotion process.

Let’s dwell for a moment on the matter of checking the links: links are an important part of great weight in any organic promotion procedure. Whether it is internal links between the pages of the site or whether it is incoming links coming from different sources on the net.

The use of various tools for checking links can help us get information with a high level of accuracy (not perfect) about the quantity and quality of links entering your website, about the anchor text, check the links of competitors and more.

The most recommended tools that will close all corners for you in market research and link checking:

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush

Tools for checking duplicate content

Duplicate content is one of the biggest problems you can run into in the SEO world. Every beginner website promoter should know that it is forbidden to copy but parts of existing content on the Internet because if Google scans your website and discovers content copied from another source on the Internet, Google will ignore your content and penalize the website.

The problem is when website owners upload content themselves and are not aware of these laws and therefore tend to make these mistakes.


Before uploading any new content to the website, it is recommended to perform a test with one of the following tools to check that there is no content copied from around the Internet.

If you have been allowed to promote an existing website that already has a certain amount of content, it is worthwhile to perform tests of the existing content to make sure that there are no copied parts that may harm the organic promotion of the website.

With the great tools you will find here, you can also check existing content on your website, i.e. if there is duplicate content within your website.

You can get an impression of a variety of data in a tool such as SiteLiner, for example, which displays the lengths of the content on your website, average length, and more. In some tools you can even compare two different articles and more.

  • Copyscape
  • Plagiarism  Checker
  • Siteliner

Photo, video and animation editing tools

Adding additional content to the site helps to improve the user experience on the site and therefore also for the organic promotion of the site in Google. This area is called rich information or rich content. The intention is to add different types of content to the website that are not just text, for example: photos, infographics, videos and more.

Here we will recommend some great tools that you can use for editing photos, editing and producing videos, presentations and more. You can produce sound files, convert them to different types of files and more.

  • Magisto
  • Animoto
  • Loom
  • Canva

WordPress tools and plugins

WordPress is the leading content management system on the Internet. A very high percentage of the websites on the Internet today in Israel and in the world are based on the WordPress system and there are not many bad words to say about this system if at all.

Even website building companies that are proud of their website building services from scratch strongly recommend building websites on WordPress .

Through WordPress we have access to edit the entire site, the template on which the site is based and there are even tens of thousands of plugins that can be installed to improve the user experience on the site, the promotion work on the site and its various uses.

Some of the tools here will help you optimize the content for promotion purposes, some of them will help you improve the security of the site, some help to improve the speed of the site and more.

We will present a few words next to each plugin/tool ​​what it is about so that you can be more focused on knowing the tools and use only the ones you need.

  • WP Super Cache – a very popular and high-quality plugin that helps handle cache files and speed up browsing speed on the site.
  • WP Rocket – performs the same work of the previous plugin only in an advanced version that takes care of many other things that improve the loading speed of the site. The plugin is paid but worth every shekel.
  • Wordfence – another very popular security plugin for WordPress that will make it harder for potential hackers to harm your website.
  • Yoast SEO – one of the most popular WordPress plugins in general and perhaps the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. A great plugin whose free version is also great, comprehensive and very useful.
  • The plugin will help you make quick adjustments to any website for promotion needs according to the recommendations of Google and the best promoters in the world. Among other things, it will help you handle meta tags, sitemap, whether or not to index a certain page, and more.

To read about additional useful tools, visit this post . To read about recommended plugins to improve the performance of images on the website, read here .

Recommended photo archives

Every web developer, internet marketer or website owner needs images. Some of them can be produced by ourselves, but when it comes to a site with dozens of pages or more, new images need to be updated and for this purpose a photo database is used. Most of the large image repositories hold millions of images, illustrations and more.

Some allow free use of photos, some allow free use in exchange for credit, others do not allow free use of photos and you will have to purchase a monthly subscription to download X photos per month or pay for a photo bank to use without a time limit usually. You should read the terms of use of each of the databases before using their images to avoid copyright infringement.

  • Freepik
  • Pixabay
  • Depositphotos
  • 123RF
  • Shutterstock
  • iStock

Technical website promotion tools

In another article on our blog, we wrote in depth about technical website promotion and how important it is as part of the work of every promoter. Technical website promotion actually includes everything related to the technical aspects of the work on the website, the code of the website, the architectural structure of the website and more. Here you can find some great tools for the technical work of the promotion:

  • Screaming Frog – a tool that helps to scan and analyze the site in the technical aspect. Free for scanning up to 500 pages. Displays information about the site’s meta tags, robots file, generates and examines XML sitemaps, finds broken links, and more.
  • Schema Markup Generator – This tool helps in creating code to generate rich results in Google such as ratings, reviews, prices, various events and more. A great tool that helps significantly improve the conversion rate of surfers entering our site from Google.
  • Google Search Console – although we mentioned it at the beginning of the post, it is also very relevant to the technical side of the site because it displays so much information and data related to your site, its internal pages, to surfers and more.
  • Analyzing the data from this great tool will allow you to improve so many technical performance related to the website. For example, a page with a high abandonment rate – we can check that specific page and conclude why most surfers leave it.

Tools for checking site locations

One of the biggest thrills of any promoter is to see the sites he promotes rise in the Google rankings. In order to get as accurate results as possible, it is recommended not to rely on manual tests or free tools of any kind which tend to be less accurate.

There are two tools that we wholeheartedly recommend that will help you check site locations in an optimal way. The tools scan all the sites in one list per day, show separate results for desktop and mobile, results of locations on maps, the option to export detailed reports and a host of useful features that are definitely worth the investment.

  • Zefo
  • Rank Ranger

That’s it, if you’ve come this far you have all the tools you need to promote websites professionally. It is important to remember that in a competitive, fundamental and branched field such as organic website promotion, it is very important to have as many professional, quality and important tools in your arsenal as possible to carry out the promotion work.

These tools can help you from the basic stages of keyword research, competitor research and market research to data analysis, information gathering, link tracking, customer reporting and various technical promotion work.

As you delve deeper into the world of organic promotion, you will most likely find yourself making daily use of a significant portion of the tools we have mentioned. Of course, you should always stay up-to-date and examine new tools that come to the market and what they have to offer

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