What is SEO Positioning Know About It

One of the best strategies to make your target audience find you is through SEO positioning. If you still don’t know what web positioning is about, or why it is so important, this post will interest you.

So, stay with us in this new post in which we will tell you everything you need to know, including some practices that will significantly improve the SEO positioning of your business or online store.

What is SEO positioning and why is it necessary?

Surely, you have heard that, if your business is not on the Internet, it is as if it does not exist.

Indeed, having a presence on the Internet is essential for a seo company to be successful and continue to reap it. Even if you already have a physical store, it is important that it is present on social networks, and that it has a website.

Many entrepreneurs consider that, having an established customer base due to their physical store, they do not need to be on the Internet.

But the truth is that, more and more people make their purchases by this means, and it is possible that, over time, their customers little by little begin to migrate to other brands and decide to opt for them for their future purchases.

What is SEO positioning?

Under this context, we can understand what SEO positioning is and why it is so important.

It happens that, when users want to buy a product or read reviews of certain products, they choose to use search engines, including Bing , Yahoo! or, the most important and popular: Google.

Thus, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) positioning can be defined as a set of practices that allow optimizing a website, in order to obtain greater chances of appearing in the first places of the search result.

In essence, these are some strategies applied to the web that will allow the site to appear among the top positions in the search ranking of a search engine such as Google, when a user makes a query with specific keywords .

To give you an idea of what SEO is all about, imagine that you have lost your mobile charger, and you urgently need a new one.

So the first thing you do is Google: “X brand mobile charger.”

Without a doubt, you will click on the result that best suits what you are looking for or offers you the best product. Once you enter the website, you can make your purchase as long as it offers you a good experience, gives you security and confidence.

Many users tend to return to search results when a website takes a long time to load, or when the website does not deliver as promised.

Another reason why some websites get a low rating is that they do not offer a user-friendly design, so before browsing your website, they will return and click on the next result in the list.

Why is it important to optimize our website to improve SEO positioning?

If you didn’t know, more than 90% of users use Google to search for specific content, especially when they want to purchase a new service or buy a product.

Also, statistics indicate that the majority of users click on one of the first 3 websites that appear in their results.

Therefore, these websites are the ones that drive much of the organic traffic direct to their content.

In this sense, search engine positioning is about getting higher rankings on Google, to get new visitors organically, that is, without paying for advertising or an ad network.

Thus, to qualify and aim higher within the search results, it is essential to apply some SEO practices to optimize your website.

What do you need to increase organic traffic?

The natural positioning (organic traffic) is obtained through SEO actions that offer an excellent return on your investment (ROI) in the long term, thus increasing the percentage of conversion of users / visitors to potential buyers.

In summary, SEO optimization and positioning in the main search engines is therefore essential for any brand that wants to gain popularity on the web and grow its sales and client portfolio.

In this sense, SEO positioning also implies optimizing a website so that it is indexable for search engines, that is, providing the tools that will decide the image, importance, quality and positioning of our company on the Internet.

What does Google take into consideration to rate the content of a website?

In recent years, the implementation of SEO positioning strategies on websites has raised awareness that, by ranking high on the results list, it can be crucial to the success of a business and its website.

However, until now there is no certainty about what are the aspects that the Google giant takes into account to rate our content (it is still one of the biggest marketing secrets).

However, there are some factors that the search engine has not stopped taking into account in recent years, and that are essential to reach the first places.

User experience

Certainly, quality content is one of the fundamental ingredients to optimize the SEO of a website, but this could be less important if you do not offer an excellent usability experience to your visitors.

If the design of your website also adapts to different mobile devices, then you will significantly improve the user experience, as well as for the people who visit you from their laptops or desktops.

Similarly, by increasing the loading speed of your page, you will reduce its bounce rate and encourage visitors to spend more time on your website.

In this sense, almost 50% of consumers expect a page to load between 2 and 4 seconds.

And, the longer the load time, the higher the bounce rate and the lower your visitor-to-customer conversions.

Quality content

First, to optimize a website at the SEO level, you cannot miss excellent content.

So, if you’ve heard or read the famous marketing phrase “Content is King.” Well, here it is extremely important and it is one of the elements that you should work on first.

Why should you have original and valuable content?

This is because content is a vital part of SEO because it is the vehicle you use to reach and engage your target audience in what you offer or do.

For example, if you are a furniture store owner and you want to increase the visibility of your company, it is a good idea to publish a set of blog posts on furniture care, types of furniture, materials, manufacturing processes and everything related. to the area.

In such a way that, when a person searches for that information, they can find your blog and establish a closer relationship with your brand by providing valuable, useful and original information.

Thus, the opportunity will come in which that visitor will become a potential customer by buying one of your furniture.

Therefore, the content you offer must be educational but also interesting, relevant, attractive and, above all, shareable.

When users are delighted with your content, they will surely share it on their social networks. In this way, you will attract more traffic to your website.

So do not doubt that the more traffic you attract, Google will detect this content as interesting and relevant, so it will add points to you when it comes to ranking your website within the search engine.

Among the types of content that you can offer, we have:

  • First, blog posts.
    • Info graphics.
    • Videos.
    • Images.
    • Podcast
    • Electronic books ( e-books ).
    • Social media posts.
    • Among others.

Lastly, the content on your website should always be updated, especially if it is content related to guides or trends.

If otherwise, you generate timeless content, we always recommend creating new content, that is, it is important to be constant so that the search engines do not forget you.

In case you run out of ideas, try to interact with your audience and see which topics they want to delve deeper or about those who want more information.

Your audience is there to help you!

So keep them interested and involved, as the indispensable part of your brand that they really are.


Every day this aspect is more important for those who want to win one of the first positions of the search results.

The authority indicates that your website is trustworthy, contains quality content, and is therefore relevant to users because it has something to offer.

Thus, the more authority your site has, the higher its ranking will be and the more potential customers will trust your company.

However, turning a website into one of authority requires a little effort and, above all, a good amount of time, so you will have to be patient to achieve this goal.

Keywords or phrases (Keywords)

For a long time, the use of keywords was the only element that really mattered when it came to positioning a website.

This does not mean that they are not currently, but Google’s algorithm is now much more demanding when it comes to indexing our content.

So, a few years ago the only important thing was to repeat a series of keywords several times and that’s it, but now, keywords must be well researched, carefully chosen and used judiciously in your content to be truly effective.

But, what is the use of keywords or Keywords?

Keywords are words and / or phrases that users use to find content on the Internet and that brands can use to connect with potential customers looking for their products and services.

When researching and selecting the keywords that you will use to position your content, we recommend the following:

  • First of all, it is important to search for those keywords that have high search rates and little competition.
    • Also, choose short-tail keywords (such as charger), long-tail keywords (such as mobile phone chargers for sale) alongside local or geolocated keywords (such as mobile chargers for sale in Madrid) to work on your contents.
    • Lastly, use keywords to optimize all your post titles, also in the web address or URL and other SEO elements on the page (more on this later).

How do search engines rank content?

Basically, each search engine uses its own algorithm to rank websites, making sure that only the most relevant results about the query entered by the user are displayed.

In essence, a search engine like Google , for example, uses robots / bots or spiders to crawl the web, from page to page and from site to site. The information they collect is used to create an index of the Web .

Thus, a search engine includes the following elements for its operation:

  • A crawler that runs through every page, every website that is readable and needs to be searched by using hypertext links on every page to be discoverable.
    • An algorithm that creates an index from the pages that are read.
    • An algorithm that receives the search request, compares it to the information in the index, and returns the results to you.

Do all search engines reflect the same results for every query?

As we mentioned earlier, each search engine has its own way of ranking a website.

Each and every one of them will have a different way of calculating the rankings using their own algorithms. Also, no search engine will produce the same result due to the different algorithms used by different search engines.

SEO On page and SEO Off page

Before presenting you the infallible SEO practices to optimize your site, it is necessary to distinguish the two types of web positioning applications: SEO On page (local or on-page SEO ) and Off-page SEO ( off-page SEO).

Let’s see what each of them is about.

SEO On page

This type of SEO is the set of actions that allow optimizing a website at an SEO level, but from within the page that we want to position.

Until now, the elements described above are some of the considerations that Google and other search engines take into account to position a website, such as:

  • Generate valuable content.
    • User experience.
    • Responsive adaptation.
    • Site loading between 2 to 4 seconds.
    • Have a website map .
    • Information structure ( H1, H2, H3 …)
    • Among others.

SEO Off Page

While off-page SEO refers to the set of SEO optimization actions, but from the outside. These types of strategies allow us to position the website through techniques applied outside the website, such as:

  • Link Building implementation.
    • Share posts on social networks.
    • Register your business in other directories.
    • Participate as a guest in other blogs.
    • Receive links (or visitors) from other authority sites to our website.
    • Among others.

What can I do to improve the positioning of my website?

Next, we will tell you how to improve the web positioning of your site or online store through a set of effective and essential SEO techniques.

  1. Acquire a reliable and quality hosting service

As we indicated in previous lines, the loading speed of a website is a factor that Google and other websites take into consideration very seriously.

If your website doesn’t load quickly, your bounce rates may increase, and therefore, your visitors or potential customers will leave and check out your competitor’s content or products.

Thus, having a reliable and quality hosting service will relieve you of these headaches, and will help you to have your website available at all times and from anywhere.

To finish this section, let us remember that having quality hosting will provide a better user experience, and this will be welcomed by Google. Earn points and do not subtract!

  1. Create a website with a search engine friendly design

Having a friendly design does not mean that you should opt for a design or template that is as simple as possible.

If you did not know, there are minimalist and at the same time very elegant designs that will surely give your website a friendly appearance and with excellent usability for your visitors.

Regardless of the design you choose, make sure your user doesn’t have to spend a lot of time browsing your website trying to find what they are looking for.

We must make this task as simple and attractive as possible!

A good idea is to add icons or buttons that contain what they are looking for, and a simple menu where they can locate any item quickly and easily.

Also, try to use legible fonts, along with a large font to make it easier to read and browse.

  1. Generate valuable content

Now, to generate valuable content, we recommend the following:

First of all, check the content of your competition and create much better content than it.

Many times, we create blog posts that fail to be sufficient for search engines, such as:

  • First, have little information (it is recommended that your entries be greater than a thousand words in length).
    • Also, you do not diversify the presentation of the content. If you decide to write a new entry for your blog, include different related images, infographics, videos, among others.
    • Your content does not generate interaction either. It is important to always include a call to action (CTA) to users, such as leaving a comment, rating your post, among others. Comments and interactions such as Sharing on social networks are well viewed and valued by Google.
  1. Optimize existing content if you haven’t already.

Your first step is to make sure your current pages are 100% SEO optimized.

Especially pages that are already classified. You can always climb the results ranking if more and more your visitors find your content interesting.

Why should you do this? Well, the answer is very simple.

It is a good start to know that Google already takes your keywords into account to rank you, so what you should do are some UX (user experience) and SEO improvements. Thus, you will be prepared to reach the first places.

  1. Apply SEO actions to your images

Do not forget that the use of images in your post or publications will attract the attention of your customers with greater probability. Even on social media like Twitter, images can increase engagement rates.

So, don’t forget to optimize your graphics or images through the Alt and Title tags before including them in your blog, web or social media posts.

  1. Use internal links

Specifically, it is important to add internal links on authority pages on your site. And make those links point to pages that need a ranking boost.

Thus, the more related all your contents are to each other, the better the SEO optimization will be, and Google will be able to interpret them more clearly.

In fact, the more specific your website is with respect to a market niche, the more effective Google will analyze and classify it.

  1. Place all keywords strategically

Your website will not be able to be more successful in its web positioning at the SEO level if the content does not contain relevant keywords, or those that users usually use to make their queries regularly.

Also, those keywords must be placed correctly. For example, your main keyword should appear in the first and last paragraphs, as well as in the heart of the text and in at least one of the subheadings.

How long does SEO take to pay off?

They say that the good is made to wait, and this does not exclude SEO positioning. However, everything that is worth doing is worth doing well, and this is the case with good SEO as well.

If your online business is just starting to take off, you may have to wait a long time before you start to see the desired results or their effects.

Even the best-executed SEO optimization takes a long time to show good results.

Clearly, it is never easy to maintain a little patience, especially in these times, in fact, after a few months you may wonder if what you are doing is really doing it right.

But the truth is, the long-term results of a good SEO campaign are worth it.

How long will it take until I see the results of my SEO positioning strategies?

Regardless of the series of SEO actions you have applied, you will have to leave some time after implementing it to see some results.

But, the big question is how long should you wait?

The answer to this question can vary, but it generally takes four to six months to start seeing results, even a little longer depending on some considerations.

Clearly, this will vary based on a number of factors, such as how old your website is (its authority level), your site’s history with Google, and whether or not your site has received penalties from Google in the past.

For your website to gain authority and thus become a legitimate website, you have to wait a few months. In this period of time, Google will index your site and evaluate its behavior.

So if the search engine notices that all the factors described above (content quality, loading time, keywords, etc.) are being implemented in a positive way, you may start to gain visibility in record time.

What happens if I don’t get favorable results in the estimated time?

But if not, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes it takes up to a year, but trust us, it will be worth the effort and the wait, because you will get free visibility and organically, which will become an invaluable heritage.

However, if you reach a high position, we recommend keeping it, because if your website stops receiving clicks for not updating the content regularly, Google will start to lower it in the ranking.

In addition, it is important to add new content periodically to your website so that the search engine takes into account your seriousness and commitment, and therefore, does not forget about you.


As we can see, web positioning is a set of techniques and strategies that have evolved to date, with the aim of providing users with the best information and the content they are looking for.

It should be noted that these techniques will continue to evolve as the behavior of consumers and Internet users also changes.

Thus, the algorithms will be modified and adapted to the growing technologies.

Of course, this just means that we must put the customer at the center of the wheel first and foremost.

This means: discovering how they use the Internet, how they search for certain information and how to make them find you more easily, always providing them with the best experience and quality of content.

In this sense, SEO positioning can help a business grow and achieve its goals, including brand recognition, increased web traffic, generating conversions, providing an excellent customer experience, and much more.

Finally, SEO positioning is still of the utmost importance for any company or brand that wants to gain visibility on the Internet, so our efforts are well worth it and will be worth it now and in the future.

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