What is programming? Beginner’s Guide

The process of communication between humans and machines is very important. It is not reasonable for a person to invent a machine without knowing the way to deal with it. Therefore, special languages ​​have been designed to deal with machines, called programming languages.

These languages ​​are known as the binary system, that is, using the numbers zero and one. If you are really interested in learning about programming, follow the article with us.

What is programming?

Programming is the link between the human and the electronic machine. When a person wants to issue commands to these machines, he does not issue them directly. It is not reasonable for me to talk to the computer in English and order it to open. Rather, the computer was designed according to certain software steps that command it to work when pressing the button. start button.

If we want to simplify the meaning of programming, they are the codes that a person writes to the machine in order to understand the function required of it.

For example, if you want to design a game that deals with cars, you will not need a graphic designer, but you need a software designer who designs this game for you, and the same is true for websites and electronic stores .

Do not expect the computer to perform tasks that you have not programmed it for, let us give the example more, how to ask your child to swim when you did not train him before, and the same for the computer, how to ask him to the calculator and you did not program it and programming the command required of him at each button press. by the user.

Programming languages ​​are not easy, but they need a lot of practice and mastery, moreover; They are many, varied and advanced due to the technological development we live in today.

What are programming trends?

After you have known the initial meaning of programming, you now have to delve into it, as it has many different paths, but if you want to be a distinguished programmer, you must have sufficient experience in all of these paths, even if you specialize in a particular field, and it should be noted that Sub-programming paths increase and develop, but there are basic paths that are the first entrance to programming, which are:

  1. Website design on the web.
  2. Various game design.
  3. Basic computer software update.
  4. Update mobile apps.

I have previously emphasized the need to have a good knowledge of all these tracks, and then specialize and delve into a specific field, so I will give a brief explanation of each track.

  1. Website design:

Today, our era is witnessing a great expansion in websites. Despite the late arrival of the Arabs, they are very striving for development and distinction in this field.

Website design is relatively easy, it does not require prior academic study to do so, and this has led to an increase in the number of website designers.

This path is divided into two main branches:

Front End : When you enter the site, you will notice the presence of buttons, text, colors, images, fonts, and many other details that the user can control and the visitor can see. The programming languages ​​used in this branch are Java, CSS and HTM, but it is not enough to master these.

Only languages, but you urgently need to have a sense of creativity and a positive outlook, what matters to the visitor first and foremost is the final design of the site, and the designer must have sufficient experience designing interfaces, that is, he must know the UX and UI and this in order to simplify the use of the site.

Back -end : It is the branch that is concerned with the commands that the server reads and executes, and which is concerned with following up the sending and receiving of data in the correct manner. It is concerned with building a link between the visible pages, applications, and different data. 

All commands in the back-end do not appear to the user or the visitor, unlike the front-end, for example, when the site asks you to log in, this is related to the front-end because it appeared to you, and the process of verifying your mail and password is from the back-end, as you will get.

The end result is not on the work steps and this is the most important, and Java, Python, PHP and many other languages ​​are used.

A programmer who has enough experience in both of these branches is called Full Stack, but you don’t have to be, I don’t want to disappoint you; But learning to program websites takes a long time, especially when it comes to back-end, it may take you years, and mastering back-end never negates the importance of having experience in front-end and vice versa, but first master a branch and distinguish it, then gain experience in The rest of the branches and paths, but the first step to your success is to get started.

  1. Various game design:

If you have an idea for a new game and have a creative design sense, then all you have to do is learn programming, and start designing your own game, but don’t think that it is so easy, it really needs a lot of effort and fatigue to get the results you want.

You aspire to it, and it is not always necessary to start programming the game from scratch, but there are many engines that help you use a pre-made template for a game, and this will make it easier for you, among the most famous of these engines are Unreal that uses the C++ language and Unity engine Which uses C language and many other engines.

I would like to point out in this section that the Arab world does not have much qualifications and creativity in this field, unlike the Western world.

  1. Basic software update:

This path is complex in all respects, you are required to develop computer programs on the desktop, for example, a person may request that you develop his own commercial program, and an anti-virus program, and another person asks you to develop a calculator program and a simple accounting program for his shop, and this difference between.

Programs and applications may put you at a loss, but one of the things that must be mentioned is that these programs all depend on the basic programming languages ​​C++, C and Java, and this will make it easy for you.

  1. Update mobile apps :

Programmers here are seeking to develop pre-existing applications on Android and iPhone or they are creating new applications, for example, the famous WhatsApp program has many developed versions that are frequently used among humans, and programmers submit more than 6000 applications to the Play Store on a daily basis, and this.

What increases the competition between them, and success here becomes difficult and requires a lot of thinking and creativity. It is no longer important to throw your new application among the sea of ​​applications, but you must provide a distinctive and useful application for humanity so that your application appears to exist.

For example, the Alarmy application that made a big noise, it is It works as a smart alarm that asks you to do a certain sports activity so that you can turn off the alarm, and in this way the program makes sure that you have really woken up. In fact, people need this type of application greatly and this is the first reason for its popularity and spread, so try to think of a useful and new application.

How do I learn programming?

We have to constantly strive to learn programming and spread it among all levels of society. Our Arab world no longer needs more ignorance. The world today is witnessing terrifying technical development and progress, and we still believe that programming is reserved for a specific group of people.

Programming, but it is enough to obtain specific primitive information, it is not normal for someone to mention Java in front of you and you think that it is a language spoken by one of the inhabitants of the earth, so do not let ignorance get in your way, and start learning programming.

Learning programming is not based on academic learning only, but you can learn it from books, YouTube, online courses, or in fact, and do not forget that the first way to creativity in this field is perseverance and training.

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