Update Your WhatsApp Now to Get New Features

Update Your WhatsApp Now to Get New Features

This Monsoon is being gifting us with many presents this year in various aspects. The techies are leaving no stone unturned to give the best possible services to the people. India has the second highest number of internet users in the world following China. The number has crossed 450 million. The country’s 10% population has a reach over the internet. Social networking has emerged as one of the widely used aspect of the technical world. WhatsApp is the one networking site which has attracted people of every age group in the nation and all over the globe as well, which alleges the owner to keep updating the platform.

Jan Koum and Brian Acton have come up with another WhatsApp update. A new feature is turning out WhatsApp. Most of the people eagerly wait for the revision of the SoNet site. Some of the news reporters are tagging the update as a borrow from Facebook, its parent company, as it has been the part of the other social media site as well.

According to a report by Venture Beat, the fresh update revolves around the status updates with colorful background. The recent update is aiming to reach 250 million users in a month which allows them to showcase their feelings and thoughts mixed with fun and amusement. The liberty of collaborating the photos and videos will give a Snapchat like look.

The operating system which has been made compatible with the update is iOS and Android, nothing has been said about the Windows platform. Furthermore, the engineers are allowing the user to add links against colorful background to their textual updates to refer their phone contact who views its status to another page. It soon becomes a feature which most of the people will use as a tool to attract the attention of their beloved ones. Similar to the existing WhatsApp version, you can control who peeps into your status and also check who has viewed your story by clicking on the eye icon. You can only view the colored status on the web for now after generating them on the Android and iOS platforms, as reported by 9to5mac.

The story of uploading colored statuses was begun by the internet giant, Facebook in December, 2016. The aim was to get more and more users. The testing of the software update began in early August.

The tips and tricks for sharing a status are as follows-


Control who can see your status update-


In the settings option of WhatsApp, open Privacy settings, users have the option to choose the people who will receive their update. You can select your favorite viewers by using three options given to you-

My contacts

Contacts except

Only share with


To know who has viewed your status update-


An icon in the shape of the eye is placed at the bottom of every status update. A list of contacts appears after clicking the icon which shows the name of your contacts with the time mentioned.

Replying the update-


If you wish to reply to the status update of any of your contact, a reply button comes at the bottom of the update and you can reply it and your friend will get your message in your personal chat window with a thumbnail of the status.

We assume that in the near future you will get a bunch of more apps doing the similar things.

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