The 4 Keys to Creating a Powerful Brand Name

The 4 Keys to Creating a Powerful Brand Name

Without any doubt, one of the best moments of starting a digital business is when we creating a powerful brand name. However, this can also be a challenge for entrepreneurs, as it often requires a lot of creativity and imagination.


Surely you are looking for ideas to powerful brand name right now for your online business.


Let us give you good news: you are in the right place! Follow us so that you know what are the steps to follow to select a good brand name.


Why is it Important to Powerful Brand Name?


Selecting the best name for our business is key to having a successful company in the long term.


Why is it Important to Powerful Brand Name?

Of course, we know that building a brand and developing your identity takes time and involves much more than a basic slogan and logo. This is why it is often a difficult decision for many entrepreneurs.


But don’t worry, because below we will describe a series of steps to follow to make this process much easier and your brand stand out from the crowd.


However, before we set out to choose the best brand name for your Internet business, first we are going to know the basics of building a brand identity.


What to take into account before choosing the name of your business on the Internet?


1. Your brand name must be differentiated from the others: this requirement is essential if you do not want your audience to confuse your company with the competition. Or maybe you associate the niche with one different from the real one.


2. The simplicity above all: your name must be simple and easy to remember. Thus, they will quickly remember you and search for your website without complications. Also, remember that people still have a habit of recommending brands by word of mouth. Let’s make it easy for them to be our brand ambassadors!


3. The brand name must be related to your field or niche: Try to make the name you select speak by itself of what your company does or speak of your services if that is the case. This will also make it easier for customers to remember you.


4. It must be attractive and evocative: powerful concepts or names to fit better in the memory of the audience.


5. Avoid having your name related to a negative idea: many companies have had to change their brand name when they select names related to unfortunate concepts.


6. It must be registrable and adaptable: Finally, it can happen that once we have selected a good brand name after having made a great effort, and then we realize that the domain is already occupied, or that we cannot register it for the same reason.


While you think about the best concept, we recommend you review the available domains and if there are other companies with the same name. Remember the first Item on this list.


Tips for Creating a Powerful Brand Name for your Business

Now that you know what to keep in mind when choosing your company name, follow these steps to achieve your goal:


1. Identify the characteristics of your ideal client


Before taking the first steps in selecting the name for your brand, it is essential to identify the characteristics of your ideal audience or client to whom your products or your company’s services will reach.


Identify the characteristics of your ideal client

If you don’t know who you’re branding for, then it may be difficult to find a compelling and attractive name.


How do I know who my target or ideal customer is?


The complete build of your target customer will appear when you create your business and digital marketing expert, so it is worth the effort.


Many startups may be tempted to define their brand name right away, before developing these vital details. In this sense, you mustn’t rush if you have not taken this step before.


Sure, you can make up a working title if it’s important. But do not definitively establish your brand until you are sure that it will appeal to your audience and that it will reflect your company’s values.


Creating effective brand avatars is somewhat intuitive and creative, but using hard data is also important.


Some tools on the Internet can provide you with important demographic information about visitors to competitors’ websites, including age, gender, location, and more.


Looking at competitors’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can also provide useful information about your customer base and online followers. From these sources, you should be able to easily build a clear image of the customer your business is targeting.


2. Define the personality of your company


After identifying your ideal customer, it’s time to build your company’s archetype or personality.


Simply put, it’s about understanding as clearly as possible what your brand will mean or represent to customers, which is an essential prerequisite for deciding on the best brand name to attract potential customers.


A good way to build your brand’s personality is by asking yourself the following:


How will your brand create an emotional bond with your customers?

What brand values ​​do you want to communicate?

Would a play on words or a play on words be appropriate for the image you would like to build for your business?

What kind of sensation do you want to evoke in your clients: luxury, comfort, security, wisdom, etc.?


The goal here is for your brand to indicate something about who they are or what they do.


3. Brainstorm


Start some short sentences that characterize your business, your products, or services. Write everything that comes to your mind without barriers. Write down everything that happens to you even if you think it is too funny or insignificant!



All these ideas will be able to create new links that can be useful to you to find that good brand name that you are looking for so much. Feel free to create word games, and let your imagination run wild.


The goal is to come up with at least two or three dozen words or phrases, whatever you decide.


Once you have reached the limit of what is possible, start eliminating those phrases or words that can be very complicated, and stick with the easiest to remember or content a direct relationship with your business.


Carefully analyze everything you have written and delete everything that does not meet the requirements that we mentioned above.


Remember that the concept should be easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and potentially attractive.


If until now you don’t feel like you’ve come up with the ideal name, it doesn’t matter.


Take some time off while your ideas settle. It is said that once our brain is calm, it can unconsciously process what you are looking for.


Use word associations, they are always very useful


Use this technique to play word games if you are having a hard time making connections with new words:


Enter a possible name for your brand into an online thesaurus, which will generate a list of synonyms and related words.

You can then enter some of these related words to gather even more ideas.

Create a spreadsheet with the results.

Put them back together to create completely new words, even if you think they don’t make sense at first. Remember to check the availability of the domain name if you find the correct name


4. Don’t hesitate to seek help


If you’ve reached a point where you feel very insecure about your options, try not to get frustrated. It is always good to ask for help or recommendations. Consult with other members of your company or close friends for their opinions on the names you have thought of.


Check the name with your audience through surveys


It is also valid to survey your brand name if you already have clients in your contact list and if you have built a shortlist of optional names. You can survey them via Facebook or by email.


If you are a new company, these tests can be part of your market research, which can be done with family, friends, colleagues, and on social media.

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