What is SEO Positioning Know About It

What is SEO Positioning Know About It

One of the best strategies to make your target audience find you is through SEO positioning.   If you still don’t know what web positioning is about, or why it is so important, this post will interest you.   So, stay with us in this new post in which we will tell you everything you […]

What are keywords and what are they for?

What are keywords and what are they for

Knowing what keywords are will be able to boost your business and generate user traffic to your website organically. Do you know which are the Keywords that best apply to your website?   We will tell you now, what are keywords for SEO? Why are keywords important for SEO (and marketing)? And how to do […]

Off-Page SEO Techniques to Build your Online Reputation

Off-Page SEO Techniques

An effective Off-Page SEO Techniques performs market research and interestingly publishes the results. It’s a valuable PR and SEO opportunity. Also, the media, influences, and journalists make an effort to conduct unique research.   Off-Page SEO Techniques performs   Off-Page SEO is about showing search engines where a website is important and valuable. It helps search […]

How Google Search Engine Works: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking

How Google Search Engine Works

Have you ever wondered how often you use Google and other search engines to search the Internet every day? Did you know that Google’s search engine finds, searches, and arranges trillions of websites to give you the results you see when you type your search query? This database consists of billions of search results from […]

Search Engine Marketing: What it is and Steps to Make it a Success

SEM Strategy What it is and Steps to Make it a Success

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of placing ads paid search as Google to position your website quickly and effectively and achieve different objectives of digital marketing. To achieve the best results it is necessary that our campaigns have a well-designed strategy. So we are going to see 5 essential steps to successfully organize your […]