How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content: A Complete Guide

How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

If you do a manual optimization of your blog then it is not going to benefit you in any manner.

What is SEO?


What is SEO? It is an online marketing technique, through which you can get backlinks and a long-term approach to increase your search engine ranking in google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very advanced techniques for your blog/site, for making it your leader in a ranking. Knowledge is Power To optimize your blog content, it is essential to understand the proper rules of marketing and get rid of the common marketing mistakes. These tips below will help you to optimize your blog content in a better way. Blogging Index Make an Index page of your blog and add this index in to every single blog post.


How to do SEO for your blog content


SEOs incorporate several strategies to maximize the traffic, rankings and engagement for your blog posts, and the first one is to create content that attracts more human audiences, which again is a pre-requisite for optimization of your blog. Create Keyword-rich content: When you are doing SEO content optimization it is highly essential to include top keywords in the post, which your audience finds most useful. If you are writing content for your audience, the audience should also find that useful and may ask you how to search for the required information. Know which keywords drive traffic: Understanding which keywords bring the maximum traffic to your website is the prime requirement. When you have taken the trouble of finding these keywords, you should embed them in your content.

Why you need SEO Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the science of the proper and efficient transmission of a search query to a targeted Web page. By focusing on keywords that are in the position of the top search terms you can make it possible for a visitor to quickly reach your website. And if your blog has a lot of content, it is an ideal destination for search engine users. After the keyword strategy is said, you also need to choose content and make the proper tasks in the content design and description of the blog. It is the core reason for this important step that will impact a significant number of site visitors. Why You Need SEO Content has given the experience of quality websites, causing them to get top ranking in Google result and rank well in search engine result page.


How to find keywords


Google keyword planner is the key tool to find keyword and use it in different location on blog or website. * Search using Google Keyword Planner tool and fill up your blog or website with some specific keywords to find high volume keyword with relevant volume. * You can click on advanced category and analyze Google keywords keywords. Keywords are first center of your blogging content. It helps you to achieve the best quality of your website content in shortest period of time. How to optimize your blog If you blog can be optimized then it is important to maximize your website content. This can be done by follow these steps:- Analyze your blogs. Search every blog post at your website and your keyword.


What you can do to make your content rank higher in search engine results page (SERP)


Optimize every aspect of the post and make it keyword optimized so that you are able to rank it in top 5 search result for your chosen search query Watch out on Google DuckDuckGo SEO practices SEO Process Just like SEO in any other field, the best is yet to come. It is not an easy job as it was a couple of years back but since then search engine optimization has become much easier and the process of increasing your traffic has also become a lot easier. We have listed all the above mentioned SEO tips below and it is your right to implement all the suggested SEO tips. 2. Optimize Your Site Layout to Make it Effective Here are some significant elements that will influence the rate of your website traffic.


Add images and videos


Use semantic tags Do not leave tags in the title Don’t use bold for text Use optimized titles Use relevancy keywords Do not use excessive quotes in titles Link to relevant pages Use synonyms Mention them in the body Do not use less important words. Use the maximum. Adopt Word Press Keep your page to 50 words. HTML/CSS Do not use too many CSS elements like inputs, galleries, text-align. The more unimportant the element the higher the search engine optimization score.


Use Anchor Texts, Headings, and Links


Anchor Text is the text that appears at the beginning of a webpage. It is one of the major factor which help Google understands the content of a website. Headings is the text that appears at the beginning of a webpage. It is one of the major factor which help Google understand the content of a website. Links, text on a page that links to another page, is the text that appears at the beginning of a webpage. It is one of the major factor which helps Google understand the content of a website. Use Keywords in Your Content Keywords are highly effective in helping you attract more customers from the search engines. They are naturally used by everyone who is involved with the web. Use Anchor Text and Headings If your content is long enough, you can use these words in the anchor texts.


Subsection 5.3 Embed YouTube Videos


When you embed YouTube videos then you can customize them and target your desired audience of people who are looking for your keyword. Subsection 5.4 Text Minification When you Text Minify your content then your website is more suitable and suitable to target your targeted keyword phrase. Subsection 5.5 JavaScript Removal When you use JavaScript than your website is categorized under Spammy content and is ranked low on search engines. So remove all of your JavaScript because it’s not SEO friendly. 5.6 SEO Link Research & Enhancement The most popular tool when you search for your keywords is always Google. Google can analyze your content, competitors and ranking for each search words from different mediums like Google and other websites like Bing and Yahoo.


Subsection 5.4 Create a Mobile-friendly Blog Design


Who Should Perform Mobile SEO Strategy Even Google have a guideline in their mobile friendly article, Google wants their users to be mobile friendly with a mobile-friendly design. How to Create a Mobile-friendly Blog Design If you have web-optimized blog then you can target the exact same keyword keywords in your blog just like you are targeting in your static site, in your static site the theme of the webpage is same, you are targeting exact same keyword keywords in static site just like you are targeting in your blog and Google has provided you best options to target those keyword for you, Google gives you big list of free themes so now you don’t need to focus on the themes or fonts or any other factors.




Whether you are doing search engine optimization yourself or hiring the professional SEO company for optimization of your blog content it all boils down to the SEO strategy that you must follow which determines the success of your blog posts.

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