How to Make YouTube Descriptions

How to make YouTube descriptions: Tips and examples

Did you know that YouTube descriptions also help you rank higher in search results?


YouTube is considered the second most used search engine in the world, since generally, Internet users prefer to obtain the information they need through videos.


This is when optimizing our YouTube descriptions becomes one of the most important requirements to reach the top positions in the results.


Google even tends to show users suggested YouTube videos that are related to their searches, which tend to have high engagement and click rates.


So, now we are going to tell you how to optimize the descriptions of your videos in this famous social network and also a powerful content search engine.


Why is it important to optimize YouTube descriptions?


In addition to the title and hashtags of your videos on YouTube, this platform also uses descriptions to understand your content and, therefore, classify it.


important to optimize YouTube descriptions

In other words, making a good description of your videos on your YouTube channel will help you increase the ranking of your videos, especially when a user is looking for certain content related to what you offer.


In this sense, it is important to apply the SEO rules within the information of each of our videos. In fact, this is what YouTube recommends to all content producers:


“YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. And writing descriptions with keywords can help viewers find videos more easily through search.”


What YouTube descriptions should be optimized?


What YouTube descriptions should be optimized

To start applying SEO to our videos on YouTube, it is essential that we can identify the two types of YouTube descriptions that exist, and how to improve the SEO of each one.


The types of YouTube descriptions are:


Description of a YouTube channel: This refers to information that appears in the “About” section of your Youtube channel on the social network. With this section, you inform your audience what your channel is about and what you offer.


Description of a YouTube video: It is the text located just below each of your videos, and it serves to inform your audience what they will find in the video. This section is important, as it can make the user reproduce the content by displaying interesting text that allows them to click on this call to action.


Good SEO in your descriptions not only helps you achieve a good position in the search results. It also allows users to be attracted to your content, resulting in new subscriptions, more playback time, new visits, among others.


So how do you craft YouTube video descriptions that will make your visitors fall in love and improve your search ranking at the same time?


How to edit a YouTube description


With a few steps to follow, you will be able to edit the description of your YouTube channel. See what the steps are:


1. First, log into your YouTube account or channel.
2. Press the “My channel” button .
3. Go to “Settings” at the top right of your subscription icon.
4. Now, click on the button “Customize the appearance of your channel” to activate this tool.
5. Then, click on the “About” icon .
6. Finally, a blank space will open where you can edit your text or description box for your YouTube channel.


You can click on the “View as” button to see the result of your description, and how your followers will see it. Select View as a new visitor , or as a returning subscriber.


How to optimize YouTube video descriptions


Here are the best tips for applying SEO to your YouTube descriptions , so you can start to take off your content at the first results. Do not miss them!


1. Use keywords


Use keywords

Like when we write an entry on our blog and add a series of keywords or keywords, YouTube descriptions also require this strategy.


Thus, we must not only take into account the use of keywords in the title of the video, but also in the description. It will be enough that we add at least 2 or 3 keywords.


The same should apply to your YouTube channel. As we mentioned earlier, the YouTube algorithm places a lot of importance on keywords on your About page in order to rank your content, and understand what you are offering to users.


If you don’t know which keywords to use, we recommend using Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends , which will tell you which keywords or phrases users use to search for your content.


A tip to find your ideal keywords is to enter the words that best describe what your channel or video is about, and Google will immediately suggest the related keywords that visitors enter.


Do not use more than 3 keywords, since Google could consider that you are using them as filler and, therefore, will not take you into account for being content of questionable quality.


2. Write at least 200 words in your description box


Write at least 200 words in your description box

Many content creators on YouTube often add little information to their video descriptions.


This means that, although they provide quality content, it fails to attract new subscribers or reproductions of their videos due to lack of an optimized description.


That is why we always recommend writing a description of at least 200-300 words to get successful views on YouTube.


What to add in the description?


First, you need to think about your audience and what your content offers to write a good YouTube video description.


Write a description that answers the following questions:


• What is your content about?
• What might your audience be interested in about what the video contains?
• Why should your audience play your video or subscribe to your channel?


How to write YouTube descriptions?


As we mentioned recently, well-written descriptions with the correct keywords can help improve the views and watch time of your videos on YouTube by helping the video have greater visibility in search results.


However, to be able to write an excellent description, take into account the following recommendations when writing:


• Write a description that includes your 2 or 3 keywords, but as naturally as you can implement. That is, write as a human and not as a robot. Try that the keywords are not positioned consecutively, as this will not indicate anything to the YouTube algorithm.

• Avoid using irrelevant words in your description as it creates a poor viewing experience and could violate YouTube policies.

• Include the most important keywords at the beginning of the text.

• Use related keywords as synonyms in a complementary way, so that you do not repeat the main keywords, and it is not considered filler text.

• Inject a bit of your channel’s personality into YouTube descriptions, this will give you an extra bonus to get more traffic and new subscribers.

• Write a 100% original text , and that contains specifications about what your audience can expect from the content.

• Write clickable descriptions that solve real problems. If you didn’t know, 70% of Millennial YouTubers use videos to learn new things. For example, create descriptions that address topics that respond to a “How, what, why, when ”, among others.

• Did you use someone else’s images, music, or footage? Write them down in the description field of your video, before adding the links to your social networks or other related videos.


3. Focus on the first 3 sentences of your description


As in an entry or publication in a blog or website, Google takes into account the use of keywords within the first lines of the texts, as this indicates that you will really deal with that particular topic or topic in the text and not that you will go around the bush.



In this case, it is best to add the 2 or 3 keywords in the first lines or phrases of your description.


In fact, YouTube recommends that: “Put the most important keywords at the beginning of your description”, because these sentences are what, first, your audience will see.


4. Try not to add links to other content at the beginning of the text


Many content creators often include links to their social networks , or other related videos from their YouTube channel, in their descriptions.


This is valid and very useful to grow your community of followers or clients, but doing it at the beginning of your description field is not a good idea.


This happens because when your videos appear in search results, it could discourage visitors from clicking on your video, as reading a simple link will not indicate anything relevant to them.


Meanwhile, they will scroll to other videos that offer them accurate information about what they are looking for.


In this sense, the first sentences or phrases of your YouTube descriptions are potential to grow your audience and subscriber list.


Increase the chance that they will click on your video, and not the competition’s!


5. Include a CTA (Call to action)


Once you have managed to capture the attention of your audience, it is time to make them perform a certain action, such as: leave their comments, like, subscribe, among others.


The best calls to action are precise, urgent, and show obvious benefit to the viewer.


For example, if you ask them for a subscription, then you should offer good content in exchange for this action, such as, for example, a playlist in your description that attracts the user to watch your videos more, and be attentive to your new content in YouTube .


Surely, you have seen that, in many YouTube videos, content creators ask their subscribers or visitors to leave a comment, like, or other action that provides them with some benefit.


A well-done CTA can increase engagement, subscriptions, and much more.


6. Add relevant hashtags to rank your content


We recommend adding at least 3-5 hashtags to help your viewers better locate your content. Try not to use more than 15 throughout your description field, as YouTube will regard your content as misleading and unreliable.


Therefore, it will not take it into account to position it.

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