How PayPal Calculate Transaction Fee and Converter Fees


In this article, You will Know About How PayPal Calculate Transaction Fee you also must know about this procedure and its benefit.


PayPal uses its set exchange rate and these rates are updated daily.


They receive a wholesale rate quote from our bank twice a day to determine the retail foreign exchange rate to apply to transactions that involve a currency conversion. Our currency exchange rates are competitive compared with conversion rates used by banks and currency exchanges. When you withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your bank account, we automatically convert the funds into the local currency at the time of the withdrawal request.


Check PayPal Currency Converter

1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Details next to “PayPal balance”.
3. Click Manage currencies.
4. Under “Currency Exchange” on the right of the page, enter the conversion details and click Calculate.


For more information on the exchange rate with international payments, click Legal at the bottom of any PayPal page, then click PayPal User Agreement and go to Exhibit A – Fees


To view our up to date exchange rates, please log in to your PayPal account and Click Below Button 


PayPal Currency Converter


Here I would like to inform you that whenever you receive payments on your PayPal account, you will be charged PayPal fees/ Transaction fees. These fees are the same for all account types and are charged to the receiver and not to the sender. Please find the below fee structure for receiving International and Domestic payments. 


For International payments: 4.4% (Transaction Fees) + 0.3 USD (Fixed Fee) + 18% GST on (Transactions Fees + Fixed Fee) 


For Example, you have received USD 301.25 and you will be charged with PayPal fees of USD 16.00. The calculation goes as below: 


Transaction Fee: $ 13.2 USD 


Fixed Fee: USD 0.3 


18% GST on (Transactions Fees + Fixed Fee): $ 2.43 USD 


PayPal Fees = Transactions Fees + Fixed Fee + 18% on fees charged= $ 13.2 USD + $ 0.3 USD + $ 2.43 USD = $ 15.93 USD (Approx.)


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