Google’s 23rd Birthday: 10 Ways Google Has Changed The World

Google's 23rd Birthday: Most people's favorite search engine Google is celebrating its 23rd birthday today.

Google’s 23rd Birthday: Most people’s favorite search engine Google is celebrating its 23rd birthday today. Google has put up a doodle of his birthday on its homepage today. As seen in the photo above, the Google Doodle features a cake with “23” written on the top, with a birthday candle in place of the “L” in “Google”.


Know about History of Google how he perform and how he become a good search engine what story behind his success.


What is Google?


Google is a search engine and it is your source for everything regarding Internet. A simple search will give you the answer. Google is often used by millions of users and it is a global phenomenon that needs more than one word to express the full impact. Google has evolved over the years but the fact remains the same. Google is all about making the complicated things simple and about solving the seemingly impossible problems. Google is so important for the progress of human race because it is literally the search engine for people and the internet. We use this website and Google will help us to make our life simpler. Google Has Changed The World. What is Google? What is his origin? Why is he famous? Who created this amazing search engine?


Google’s Founders


Like we say in our every class, Google were born out of extremely high tech, super individualistic people with the small goal of sharing information for free with the world. Their Father, Larry Page, They were born in 1983 in California with extremely intelligent people who believed in the unlimited potential of the human mind. These were highly educated individuals with talent and they just had one goal in life, “Be curious, improve, improve”. These were highly intelligent people who loved to explore new frontiers in science. These were highly intelligent people who loved to explore new frontiers in science. There was a person named Paul and the other one was Larry who were actually the founders of Google.


How does Google work?


When asked about how does Google work, its creator is Larry Page. The following are very interesting facts about Google, that you should know about.

1. Google’s inventor is Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

2. He was a man named Sergey Brin and was born on August 13, 1973, in Moscow.

3. He went to the United States and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1996.

4. He got married to Anne Wojcicki, who also is a co-founder of Xoom, in 2011.

5. Brin is a Russian-American, but his parents are from the Ukraine and Poland. 6. Brin has a sibling named Ali Brin, who works as an entrepreneur, and owns over 7% of Google’s stock.

7. Sergey Brin was named as one of the richest people in the world in 2016. 8.

What If There Was No Google?


Just to learn a simple technology has gone the time-frame back in 1972, he thought of the idea for it. And the first page on the internet was created. How Many Websites Are There? Today, there are literally billions of websites worldwide, but in 1996, there were only seven. So, it took some time to realize that this would become the internet and other such new internet possibilities would come and change the technology. Watch How Different is Google?


Timeline of the history of Google


1. 1989 Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and launched to the public on May 25, 1998

2. 1995 Larry Page joined Yahoo! (Pacific Bell) as a computer programmer

3. 1996 Page left Yahoo! after they did not want to offer to buy his stock from him and founded Google

4. 1998 Google launched as an online search engine and soon after the search results were displayed in a light box.

5. 1999 Google turned down a $1.6 billion offer from the newly formed General Magic.

6. 2000 Google had 11 employees and funded by grants from the government

7. 2000 The Google home page was launched in beta in February.

8. The name “Google” was submitted in July to American dictionary.

9. All ten chosen names from the first round of an online contest were made into poems.

The Future Of Search Engines


10 year age You may pass away before you knowing what will happen Google is coming up with products to satisfy a lot of users with a lot of alternatives over the last 10 years i think Google need a more efficient search engine like engine 2.0 and i believe the most successful one after google is Microsoft internal product Microsoft engine and google it’s name is google engine and they’re soon going to release another option over google before it come out into market before or in next year from next year. In life You see a lot of hope from your parents/sister/brother in you always do your best in your life and your parents are sure you will be something in life. Google is also there do same stuff on your life.




We hope that you’ll go with this journey. For more information on this journey and all other ideas visit : This is a series that goes through the important landmarks and changes in the history of Google, in a series, which is inspired by the New York Times ‘ ‘Trailblazer’ series’. But our focus is to analyze the significant changes that have taken place over the last 20 years and pick out the ones that changed the world, as well as the early stages. Google celebrates its 20th birthday and let’s see how they have changed the world over these 20 years.

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