Facebook vs Google: Better Campaign for Ads

Facebook vs Google: Better Campaign for Ads

Facebook and Google are the two technology-driven platforms, and many advertisers use Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to market their business. But which is the best platform to be chosen for the best results. The competition is direct, and most of the times, they are positioned as competitors. For the purpose of enhancing the leads and sales, maximization of visibility, and get new customers, the business tends to leverage the advertising strengths of the two platforms. The other two most prominent aspects to be measured are the high-level return on money spent and the adoption of the diverse strategies for the better functionality of the business.

The fundamental differences between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are-

I. Search Network


Facebook Ads


It is the epitome of the trend in online advertising through the social media or “paid social.” The online platform gets the highest number of monthly active users. Promoting the business through Facebook helps in finding new customers based on the interests they have and their behaviour online. Summarizing the whole concept as “Facebook helps new customers find you,” would not be wrong.

Google AdWords


One name which rules the world for PPC advertising is Google AdWords. The interesting fact is that now it has become a synonym of paid search. That is, most of the times, these two terms are used interchangeably.

It concentrates on the keyword targeting for the search to be productive and to get the effective results. Through the use of the keywords, the ads are displayed alongside the search results. Users of Google AdWords have been paying for the search new customers.

II. Ad Targeting Options


Facebook Ads


a. Psychographics-


The targeted psychographics is the workplaces, users’ education, the sites and the videos etc. for which the user has clicked the like button.

b. Geo-Targeting-


There is no difference in the Geo-Targeting area of the two online advertisement agencies.

c. Demographic-


Demographics for Facebook Ads are apt, used extensively in contrast to Google AdWords.

d. Custom Audience-


The users who make the major portion of the custom audience are the website visitors.

e. Retargeting-


If the business uses Facebook Ads for retargeting the audience, then it is more likely to get better results in comparison to Google.

Google AdWords


a. Keywords-


These are the specific words that are used to enter in the search bar to get the desired results and Google AdWords is related to the use of keywords. Any business which uses this platform gets the audience on the basis of the keywords.

b. Geo-Targeting-


Google AdWords and Facebook Ads have no difference in Geo-Targeting.

c. Customer Match-


To target the audiences and to give it a try to convert the leads into customers, the email addresses which we upload to Google are used.

d. Demographic-


In comparison to Facebook, the targeting concept is limited to Google.

e. Retargeting-


Google AdWords have lesser number of retargeting results as compared to Facebook.



1. Facebook


If your business needs post engagement to a new level, then Facebook Ads is the right campaign for you. The other areas which are effective here are Retargeting, Video Ads; Forms fill out lead. Video ads can be used to reach the target audience, but it is not cost-effective.

2. Google


Go for Google if you want Search Ads for your business marketing, but the campaign does not render results for the video ads. But still, it can be used for branding ads.

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