How to Position My Business in Google in 2021

position my business in Google

There is a question that all digital entrepreneurs ask themselves time after time: “How do I position my business on Google and appear on the first page?” The answer is simple: knowing the importance of SEO and working on it. Knowing SEO in depth is not easy, but having some basic notions does not cost […]

Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy in your Company

How to implement a Digital Marketing Strategy in your Company

Digital Marketing Strategy has become a must for any company that wants to boost its online business. But many companies do not have any defined strategy, or choose to follow trends or strategies whenever the wind blows in one direction or the other, without thinking if they really fit the goals they want to achieve […]

Search Engine Marketing: What it is and Steps to Make it a Success

SEM Strategy What it is and Steps to Make it a Success

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of placing ads paid search as Google to position your website quickly and effectively and achieve different objectives of digital marketing. To achieve the best results it is necessary that our campaigns have a well-designed strategy. So we are going to see 5 essential steps to successfully organize your […]