How to Position My Business in Google in 2022

There is a question that all digital entrepreneurs ask themselves time after time: “How do I position my business on Google and appear on the first page?” The answer is simple: knowing the importance of SEO and working on it.

Knowing SEO in depth is not easy, but having some basic notions does not cost so much and helps you greatly to improve web traffic and give your brand the visibility you are looking for.

How to position my business in Google?

To begin we must mention that there are two types of SEO, Onpage and Offpage.

– SEO Onpage is what you can do from within your website so that its positioning improves.
– SEO Offpage refers to the actions that can be carried out from outside your website to improve that positioning. It can be done thanks to social networks, links in different blogs or thanks to positioning in Google Maps and Google MyBusiness, for example.

Position your business in Google: Tips and tools to work on SEO Onpage

To improve web traffic thanks to this type of SEO you need to take care of a series of aspects:


In digital marketing for your company you must know that content is king. Users search on Google on the topics that interest them, so if you have a blog in which you offer free and valuable content, they will feel that you are an expert and they will value you very positively, which is always a competitive advantage.

If you have a blog and you use WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin will be very useful . It will help you create content that Google likes.

IMPORTANT! Create unique content, copy and paste from other pages will be duplicate content that will only harm your web page.

You should also bear in mind that if you update the content, Google will visit you again, it will re-index you and you will be more likely to appear on the first page of Google.


User experience should come first on your website. When browsing through it, everything must be very attractive and intuitive, which will allow you to retain users there for longer and they will be able to carefully visualize what you do and what is the advantage of working with you.

You may be thinking: And how do I make my website attractive and my users spend more time on it? Following trends in web design is always the most recommended option.

However, I provide you with 3 quick and easy to understand tricks that will help you position your page on Google.

1. Less is more: Year after year users become more demanding with our time. We look for things that are easy, quick to understand and without difficulties. So make sure that everything you are reporting is clearly understood and there are no contradictions.

2. Be clear about the action you want the user to do: Example: Buy, reserve, download a PDF, subscribe, etc. Only in this way can you create large and visible CTAs (interaction buttons) . Without a doubt.

3. Make sure that everything that can be clickable is, and there are no glitches and broken links.

Remember also that the number of people who use mobile devices to navigate is increasing more and more, so a design that is not clearly visible on a smartphone or tablet will make them not feel comfortable and leave the page. Create a responsive web design; adapted to all types of devices.

Meta tags

It is what Google shows of your page in the search result.

The meta title must be original but not too long, since the search engine does not show more than 70 characters. Ideally, the meta description is a summary of what they will find on your website. Although you have to leave room for some intrigue, like the synopsis of a movie or a book but always summarized in 156 characters, which is what Google shows .


They are the words that users usually search for, and therefore they should appear on your website. The AdWords keywords is a tool that can help you choose the most appropriate. By filling in the keywords you had in mind, this tool will offer you different alternatives that will ensure your success.

Another good tool is the SEMRush KeyWord Research , where you can find the best keywords in your niche, tried and tested, related keywords, long tail or explore multilingual or multinational environments.

Another interesting tool is Ubbersuggest, with it you can see the average number of searches that a keyword has and its competition.

And we cannot forget a tool that Google provides us; Google Trends. It will not give you keyword alternatives but it will be useful to compare which terms are the most searched.

Position your business in Google: Tools to work SEO Offpage

For this type of SEO, the most important thing is the pages that link to yours . That blogs with a good reputation link to articles of yours is always a plus point to position your business in Google.

How can you get external links? Creating quality content. It is a long-term action but the most successful, since if you get someone to link to your content it means that you are doing a good job.

SEO Offpage can also be done from social networks. Placing your business on Google Maps or using Google My Business to keep any information about your business up to date in all Google apps at the same time, whether on maps, your Google+ social network or your search engine.

SEO trends to appear first in Google

There are 2 trends that you should not forget. These shortcuts can bring you either a lot of long-term benefits, or a lot of short-term income putting your pagerank at risk . We tell you its characteristics so that you can choose the path you prefer:

SEO White Hat

The translation would be a white glove SEO strategy, that is, tricks to appear in Google in a “good” way. Your content, your design, the map of your website and the HTML codes used to create your page comply, point by point, with the requirements of search engines. It will take longer to achieve some impact, but once you do, it will be almost impossible, barring catastrophe, for you to fall on the hit list. This option is used by the most popular pages that decided to choose the path of quality and respect for the rules.

SEO Black Hat

It consists of choosing all the strategies penalized by Google and putting them into practice. The results are very effective in the short term, but disastrous in the long run since the search engine will penalize you immediately.

Among the techniques used are cloaking – the same website offers different content depending on whether it is read by the Google robot or by the end customer-, spinning – cut and paste content is created based on quality articles- and keyword stuffing – the inclusion in a text of a long series of keywords to generate more traffic. The use of spam in social networks and opinion forums would also fall within this type of SEO.

Therefore, it is up to you to choose a slow and safe path or a fast shortcut that leads to the cliff. Remember that the second option is deadly of necessity and that your online reputation will be destroyed forever. If your intention is that digital marketing for your company becomes a useful strategy, do not hesitate to be patient, but always comply with the rules.

We hope this information has helped you answer the eternal question, “How do I position my business on Google ?” Now you just have to start it.

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