Break Through the Confusion Surrounding Search Engine Use

Imagine that you are traveling to another country and don’t know the language, culture or transportation system. Will you feel comfortable traveling to that country? Very few people are brave enough to embark on such an adventure. Even if you do embark, you likely won’t have a pleasant trip without the help of a local, reliable guide. Getting into SEO, PPC and other search engines is no different. You need to learn how search engines work because once you understand their goal you can easily plan a strategy to use them.

Understanding Search Engines

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” –Jimmy Dean

Assume for a moment that you have the responsibility of selecting the leader of 1,000 people. Your inclination may be to conduct an election and announce the winner. Imagine you cannot conduct an election. Would you not select a leader based on their qualifications? How would you go about doing this?

First, you would learn about all 1,000 people and see who has good influence with the majority. You would see who has leadership skills and knowledge, and ensure your candidate meets the criteria to lead those 1,000 people. Search engines perform a similar task when selecting a qualified website, which is defined as one relevant to what the user is looking for. When a search engine looks for a keyword, phrase or term, it performs an analysis with the goal of displaying the best, most relevant and reliable websites that offer information about your entry.

The Competition for Ranking

“I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.” –Walt Disney

Pretend that you are a candidate for the leadership position we discussed. What would you do? You would likely demonstrate your leadership skills by using your connections, showcasing your leadership abilities and doing whatever possible to convince the deciding authority that you deserve the job. You may even fight against the competition with illegal dominance.

As a website owner, you’ll need to act in a similar manner to convince Google and other search engines to display your website when someone searches for your service or information. Keep in mind; YOU must convince Google to display your website over the millions of competitors when it compares you to them.

This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or equipping your website and its links so a Search Engine understands your potential. Please note, this is going to be a continual, daily process whether you are trying to convince Google you’re the best website or partnering with them.

Surrounding Yourself with a Winning Team

“The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting in above average effort.” –Colin Powell

As Colin says, when you put forth your best efforts (those above average), you can and will win your battle. In any business accounting is not optional, it helps you track your company growth, report to the IRS and analyze your expenses. You can use accounting data for 100 different analyses, but you know that accounting is not optional.

Similarly, your online presence is not optional. You need to have digital visibility, and the required skill set to do it right is the KEY; there are no second chances in the digital world. With the right team and moves on your side, you’ll succeed. The key is to invest time learning the war field and how to identify a smart skill set (team).

Digital marketing is a never ending war. Should you opt to join the war, you must employ a qualified team of professionals with access to the right recourses. You’ll need time to make informed decisions to win the digital game. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to know the details or step by step process, but you do need to know how it works, how to track the progress and how to use the data to grow your business.

If a service provider offers to handle your SEO and generate leads, ask them how they intend to proceed. How will they convince Google that you’re the best? If they can convince you, then you’ll know you’re hiring a competent service. Now that you understand the basics of search engine operation, it’s time to see just how Google search works. Take a look by clicking here.

Keep in mind what a Search Engine needs to consider your website as one of the best to list in their top search results found on the first page. You better be prepared to give 100+ reasons to convince the Search Engine or opt to display your website by partnering with them (by paying).

I hope this article has helped you understand the digital battlefield and how search engine optimization works. I know the topic can be overwhelming, but I felt it necessary to share. As an entrepreneur, you need to invest time into understanding SEO, search engine rankings and the digital battlefield.

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